Where to Put Microwave in Kitchen?

Where to Put Microwave in Kitchen?


The choice of the microwave location is related to its design features. Manufacturers produce separately located models of this household appliance and those that are adapted for embedding in kitchen furniture. Another important factor for choosing the place of the stove is the size of the kitchen space.

Owners of spacious premises have more opportunities to place the stove. Owners of small kitchens have to listen to useful advice, among which you can find useful, telling about the best options for installing microwave.


Embedded models

Innovative models that are embedded in kitchen furniture belong to premium products. As a rule, the placement of the furnace is planned during the development of the general plan of the future kitchen. Designers provide for the technique of special niches in which the device is easily installed.

If the design project is not yet provided, the options for installing microwave have to come up with yourself, there are several:

  • Under the countertop, the oven does not take up much space, well harmonizes with other interior items. However, it is not particularly convenient to cook food, to extract cooked or heated dishes, constantly stooping. In addition, the care of the device is also associated with difficulties, it is not always possible to wash the unit well inside;
  • placing the stove in a corner cupboard is considered an acceptable solution. The corner cabinet is usually installed in the work area, to plan a niche for the microwave in advance will not be difficult. The hostess can choose the most convenient level depending on her own growth, preferences and location of other household mechanisms. Corner options of furniture and equipment are considered to be the most stylish and comfortable – much-saved area;
  • The original scheduling of the microwave seat is the best solution. Usually, pick up furniture and appliances of one manufacturer, then the kitchen looks like a single functional space, in which each element obeys a well-thought-out scheme. This decision, unfortunately, is limited to the financial capacity of the owners of the apartments and the insufficient size of the premises;
  • using brackets to install equipment over the cooking panel is a possible but controversial solution. The brackets should be installed in such a way that the oven does not get fat and other traces of cooking. Usually, such a decision is made when the microwave is no longer placed, but such options are better avoided;
  • niche serves as one of the best ways to arrange kitchen equipment. The holes in the wall are planned in advance, and then there is easily placed the device. However, there may be difficulties in connecting electricity, sometimes you have to use extension cords, which clutters the countertop;
  • Microwave placed over the oven, it allows you to create a holistic space and ensures the following of the same style. The device is at hand, nothing prevents it, and load and take out plates and cups is very convenient. The only negative of this arrangement – the effect of steam and heat on the appliance, this impact can negatively affect his work;
  • The island in the kitchen serves as a comfortable and stylish space, but it can only be constructed in large rooms. The island is furniture standing in the centre of the kitchen, in which all the necessary devices are built. The disadvantages described above are also characteristic of this variation;
  • A similar way of installing equipment for heating and cooking is a foam that is set apart from the rest of the furniture. Usually in its niche are embedded those elements that did not have enough space. Penal traditionally complements the kitchen;
  • The retractable model of microwave ovens is convenient, as if necessary, its stand for dishes and products is pushed far ahead. Products are loaded from above, all processes are automated, which is typical for any embedded equipment;

The abundance of household appliances forces the hostesses to take them outside the kitchen, to a separate room, to install next to refrigerators, washing machines, other accessories and units. This option is convenient when the room is located near the dining table and cooking area.


Stand-alone models

Microwave ovens from this series are the most common type of technical equipment of the kitchen, for their arrangement, there are also several solutions:

  • The countertop serves as a suitable surface for the stove. On the countertop the oven is installed smoothly, dishes and appliances are in walking distance. This is the most common option of the microwave location, however, to surprise guests with an unusual atmosphere of the house will not be possible. The downsides are also the decrease in the work area;
  • The window sill replaces the countertop, especially if it is wide, is a good platform for an electric oven. However, there are drawbacks: among them – the release of condensation from the window glass, as well as the sun’s rays from the street. These effects affect household mechanisms negatively, besides the microwave blocks the rays of light from the window;
  • most often the ovens are installed on the refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher. These are good ways of dispositioning the microwave, but certain rules should be adhered to. Devices that help in everyday life, vibrate, vibration does not have the best effect on the health of the microwave oven. It is recommended to install the device on a substrate or a special mat, it is better that it had provided small legs, additionally will be able to provide ventilation;
  • The separate shelf is also well suited for microwaves. The main thing is that it was strong and could withstand its weight, as well as fastened at the right level so that inside you can easily lay products for heating or defrosting. The regiment is fastened in any convenient place, paying attention to the safety of its corners for others. A particularly successful option is to secure a special shelf under a hinged cabinet. This solution frees up the workspace between the bottom of the microwave and the countertop;
  • modern kitchen headsets are equipped with shelves and niches, which can be put not only kitchen utensils, but also equipment. Most likely, the outer door will have to be removed, then for the microwave will free a free niche. Cons of such location are considered to be the complexity of connecting to the electrical network and lack of ventilation;
  • The bracket is one of the variations of the shelf, but this design looks more stylish. The bracket can be mounted in any kitchen area where the place allows;
  • dining table, acceptable, but not too comfortable place for microwave, which will occupy a useful area of the table. Otherwise, such an installation has only advantages: the surface of the table is flat, and all those sitting behind it are comfortable to take plates and cups from the microwave.

Other possibilities of installing the furnace are its placement in the bar next to drinks and on a special rack.

Thinking about the variations of the installation of kitchen units, you can turn to the stylistic trends that dominate now in the world. The kitchen is decorated in the classic style, country, Provence, hi-tech, minimalism. Particularly popular is the style of fusion, which combines incompatible elements, it is an experimental direction of the design. The technique is acquired according to the future style of the kitchen.


Microwave socket

Myths About Microwave

Planning electrical wiring to connect appliances is an integral part of the kitchen design plan. It is made in advance, long before finishing, carefully considering the installation of electrical appliances. This list includes a microwave, usually next to place another kitchen appliance, so as not to pull the wires around the room.

A well-designed location of the socket next to the microwave will ensure its convenient and safe use. Often to place sockets in kitchen panels make special holes.


Where not to place a microwave

When placing a microwave oven, it is worth heeding the recommendations of the masters on where household appliances should not be placed:

  • Next to batteries and other heating devices, it is not allowed to heat the unit;
  • Near gas burners and sinks, heat and water can lead to short circuit;
  • In places where the sun’s rays penetrate, they will heat the surface of the microwave;
  • above the stove: The microwave is contaminated with a splash of fat, the surfaces are difficult to wipe off;
  • near the TV, the proximity of the two electrical appliances can cause problems in their work.

It is necessary to take into account other factors: the effect of vibration of other electrical appliances, so put the stove on the washing or dishwasher without a substrate and create free space between them should not.

The microwave door should not touch furniture and home appliances, and the microwave should be installed at a distance from the wall and other objects to ensure sufficient air penetration – ventilation. Here it should be noted the number of gaps that make, installing the stove in the kitchen area. On the sides should be at least 10 cm, from the back wall of the unit – at least 15 cm.

There are other caveats. Units are forbidden to attach to drywall walls, they can fall and damage the entire structure. The microwaves are attached only to brick and concrete walls. Also, it is impossible to close the ventilation channels, which will negatively affect the microclimate of your own apartment and neighbours.

The shelves with equipment should not be installed too close to the source of fire, this applies to both gas and electric plates. There is a risk of fire.


Choosing a place for microwave is the basis of convenience in the kitchen

The arrangement of the kitchen space does not tolerate small things, including the installation of a microwave oven. Useful advice and pre-schematics of furniture and kitchen appliances contribute to the convenience of using appliances. Everything you need is at hand, the safety and convenience of family members are provided in simple ways.