What you need to know about face soap | Buying Guide

What you need to know about face soap | Buying Guide

Once you’ve seen our selection of our favourite soaps, you’re sure to be invaded by a lot of questions. We agree that buying a product for our face can’t go crazy, so take note of the answers we give you. Shoot!


What kind of face soaps are there?

What kind of face soaps are there

Let’s start at the beginning. Now that you’ve noticed that a face soap can give you a lot more than you thought, make sure you know its different types well. In this sense, we can point out two categories: natural or synthetic soaps. 


Why isn’t any soap worth it for the face?

I’m sure at some point you’ve used the same soap you use for your hands for your face, and then you’ve also noticed that your skin looked tight and sensitive. So the answer is simple: since not all parts of the skin are the same, it is ideal to use soaps whose formulation fits each part of the body’s sensitivity. Even if you’ve been scrupulous in this regard, the soap you use may not have the result you want. If this is your case, find out your skin’s particularities and always choose the soap that best suits them.


Is it true that using face soap many times a day harms our skin?

This is an affirmation that is often repeated very often. But because there are so many cosmetics myths, we no longer know what to trust and what not to do. Well, in the case of face soap, this is a reality. And not without reason, since many times the cosmetics we use do not respect our skin and, with continued use, tend to damage it. Please note that sometimes other non-cleaning products and detergents are disguised as soaps, which can negatively affect our skin’s pH. All our skin has a natural protective layer, and our face would not be any different. This way, if we wash our faces more than three times a day, we may have the following effects:

  • Dryness and flaking
  • Irritation
  • Infections
  • Allergies
  • Sensitivity
  • Increased sebum production


Is it a mistake to use hot water during facial cleansing?

And we continue with another blunt statement about-face soaps and facial cleansing. In fact, this is one of the most common mistakes. We tend to relate hot water as a cleaning enhancer, but it’s not true what they count. Mixing boiling water with soap or lightening us can further damage our skin’s lipid barrier and subsequently increase dryness. If we join him to use soap more than the recommended number of times, we will cleanse our face, yes, but we will have to incorporate moisturizers or other products that combat this practice’s negative effects.


How should soap be used for the face?

The cleaning routine is not a topic to be taken lightly, so it is advisable to clarify concepts about this daily practice. Think of the cornerstone on which this process revolves is your skin type, so note these tips based on each typology.


Buying Guide 

Wow, it looks like the face’s soap gave a lot more of itself than we ever thought. Therefore, when choosing our next soap, it is advisable to consider some purchase criteria that allow us to choose the most suitable one for us. Notes!

Skin type

As it couldn’t be otherwise, the first step in acquiring a face soap is to know what type of skin to use. So, if you still don’t know how to classify yours, pay attention to the following to better understand your complexion’s specific needs to achieve better results.


Solid or liquid?

Once you’ve passed the first step, choosing the format is almost a matter of taste. In both cases, you can find soaps that fit your needs. While it’s true that pill soap may seem more natural, it may also contain more synthetic products than we think. Here what prevails is the use you are going to give it:

  • If in addition to the face can be applied to more parts of the body, to have it in the shower, for example, or if you are going to take it with you on the road, the pill format will be more practical.
  • On the other hand, if we want to keep soap in pill well, it takes a specific soap to remove the well in the water. Also, it is recommended to give you some hot water before use.



Of course, ingredients are another essential thing to consider when buying a face soap. If you’re not one to look at the ingredients behind the pack, find and make sure it contains the ingredients you need, whether moisturizing, astringent or exfoliating, depending on your skin type.

On the other hand, we recommend that you dispense with those that include large amounts of oil, artificial fragrances or alcohols, as some can leave your skin oily and the others irritate it. Always look for the most compatible option with your skin and, if necessary, finish with a moisturizer.



And another content we should look for on the label of our future face soap is pH. This is important in two ways: from the point of view of our skin and the soap we buy.

Our skin’s health depends largely on us not altering the values of this protection using a product with an inadequate pH. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in your choice:

  • The pH level of our skin is between 4 and 6, i.e.acidic. This serves as a protective mantle for external agents.
  • Applying body soaps with a higher pH or more alkaline can alter the level of skin protection and harm our complexion.
  • As you have been able to read in previous paragraphs, washing your face too many times hurts your face in various ways, and many of them result from altering the pH balance of the complexion.


Foam, with or without?

Finally, it is up to us to deny the urban legend that the foam itself, or the more foam a soap makes, the more likely it is to negatively alter our stores’ pH or dry it. Well, no, foam is by no means a determining factor for this to happen.

The product’s aggressiveness will be determined by its composition, regardless of whether it is a natural or synthetic soap. Foam is more of a compliment that incorporates the product to make its use more comfortable. So, you know, choose it depending on your preferences.



The world of facial care and cleansing is indeed full of products and alternatives. But surely you had not stopped to think that face soaps occupy within this sector an increasingly popular redoubt and that it is constantly evolving.

This is a product full of possibilities, and with the wide variety of them that you can find in the market, it is challenging not to find the one that best suits your needs, from solid or gel-shaped soaps to soaps for all skin types, exfoliants, acne-fighting or anti-aging effects. Definitely, a discovery, isn’t it?

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