Types Of Washing Machines An Quick & Easy Guide

Types Of Washing Machines An Quick & Easy Guide

How to choose the right type of washing machine for the house? This is a relatively simple task compared to other household or computer appliances. The functionality of most “automatics” drastically simplifies everyday life – the definition of the weight of the laundry, the required amount of water, built-in drying and the option of “light ironing.” Before buying, we offer to determine the criteria in advance to minimize the number of models from the extensive list.


Types of washing machines

types of washing machine

The first devices appeared more than a century ago. And then, rather, they caused even more inconvenience. However, the development of technologies has brought them almost to the perfect level. In addition to the standard types of washing automatic machines, there are other options. Let’s talk about each of them.


1. Automatic

Modern models are able to do a lot while being software-driven. Simpler devices erase according to a given algorithm, more advanced – calculate the amount of powder, adjust the temperature according to the speed of the press, determine the required volume of water and have a number of other additional options.

This type of washing machine requires running water and sewerage. The advantages of different models and manufacturers may differ, but one thing remains the same: the person takes a minimal part in the washing process. Put inside dry linen, add detergent and choose the regime.


2. Semi-automatic:

There are no increased installation and operation requirements. At the same time, such devices can not fully work without the help of a person. On the principle of action semi-automatic divide:

  • Activator: More than 90% of all semi-automatics are represented. The main advantages of this type of washing machines include lightness and compactness. Also, when washing due to reverse activator rotation provides a careful attitude to fabrics, which allows things to wear less, that is, for a longer time to maintain the aesthetic appearance;
  • Drum: Equipped with soft suspension and electronic control. Due to the drum, they consume significantly less water than the two-tank activator. The friction-spring shock absorber reduces the vibration of the body, the mass of counterweights, the noise level and the reliability of the work.

Today, if it comes to the drum form of the washing machine, it is likely to imply a machine, because it almost completely replaced the rest of the models.


3. Ultrasonic:

The device was distributed around the 2000s. Some brands offer this device even now. The peculiarity of this type of washing machines lies not only in appearance but also in completely silent and invisible to the human eye action. Under the plastic body is a special board that generates ultrasound up to 30 kHz.

The device is placed in a bathtub or most often in a pelvis because it requires a close outlet. The powder is needed if the stains are difficult to remove. After such a description, I would like to add that most studies confirm the placebo effect of UZ machines. Since if you follow all the recommendations of manufacturers – three hours of “lying” things in hot water, and then rinsing and pressing manually, most stains will really come down and without the impact of ultrasound.


Types of washing machines by size

Properly calculated parameters of the device will allow you to choose the most favourable location next to the power grid, communications and other household appliances. When choosing the type of washing machine, you should consider that the weight may not depend on the dimensions. This option is mainly affected by the severity of the drum and the counterweight. By the way, this can explain almost the same heaviness of compact and full-size models. The smaller the body of the machine, the more necessary counterweight to reduce vibrations.


Functionality is directly dependent on dimensions. We’re going to do a little comparative analysis.

  1. Compact models
  2. The maximum amount of laundry, when loaded on one approach, does not exceed 3.5 kg.
  3. It is possible to embed and feel significant vibrations.
  4. Minimum resource consumption.
  5. Full-size models
  6. The average load of the drum is 6 kg.
  7. Reliable stability and lack of vibrations.
  8. A large amount of water and electricity.

The peculiarity of a narrow type of automatic washing machines is that they save a lot of space. Their width usually does not exceed 40 cm. At the same time, some manufacturers go to the trick: increase the diameter of the drum, without changing its depth. Thus, they manage to bring the possible amount of underwear to 5 kg.

The standard depth of the washing machine is 40-45 cm. The volume of laundry – up to 7 kg. This option can be called one of the most popular on the market, because it can accommodate a lot of things in one wash, including large, for example, will fit a blanket, blanket or blanket.


The invariable advantages of a full-sized type of washing machines include:

  1. Depending on the manufacturer, the load can reach up to 10 kg.
  2. Even big things are perfectly forged and rinsed. Water circulates more freely than in other models, and the detergent goes well through the entire thickness of the woven cloths.
  3. Resilience at pressing and no vibrations.

Their depth reaches 60 cm, due to which they are not as popular as previous models. However, if you allow a place in the bathroom or kitchen, you can safely take. At the same time, the height parameter remains standard – 85 cm.


Classification of washing machines by type of boot

Let’s find out when you should buy a device based on the strengths of each.

Regardless of the type of download, the principle of work is the same. They are distinguished by the way the boot tank is fastened. In the vertical type of underwear is loaded from above, in the front – through a special hatch on the front side. At the same time, you can follow the laundry through the window. Now let’s take a closer look at the device and the design differences.


1. With front-load:

The diameter of the hatch can vary from 23 to 33 cm. The comfort of use is determined by the size of the drum. The wider it is, the more convenient it is to put things in it. Also important is the opening angle of the door. For many modern models, this figure is 180 degrees. The top plane of the front-loading washing machine is often used as an additional storage space. This is especially common in small bathrooms.


2. With vertical loading:

To load or unload the laundry, first, open the hatch, and then the drum. In some models, some discomfort is that not always the shutters are in front of the submersible. Although most of the modern options have the “proper drum parking” feature. Among the features can also be distinguished compact size, ergonomics. It will not be built or installed under the sink, but the depth is 60 cm, the width – up to 45 cm and the height – 85 cm. Another advantage of the machine with vertical loading – the ability to install two ways: the back or side.

Vertical washing machines are inferior to the front-facing range of models. And their cost with similar characteristics in most cases is higher. Determine the location of the installation and consider all these features when choosing so that it was as comfortable as possible in everyday life.


We tried to list in the article all the main characteristics that should be paid attention to when choosing a washing machine. To make it easier to find the right model, use the filters in the online store. Compare prices, options, appearance, and then you can go to see firsthand the options you like.

Made for you a few main questions that you can answer for yourself before going to the store:


What features are needed?

Additional can increase the cost, and you are unlikely to use them.

1. How much space is there to install? The basic parameters will depend on it: size, capacity, loading type.

2. How important is the noise level?

There is no point in overpaying if you, for example, do not have small children or do not wash at night.

3.What budget do you expect?

We wish you a good purchase!