Tips for Using Your Dryer

Tips for Using Your Dryer

No one wants to find out for themselves that the new tumble dryer has fallen off the washing machine. Of course, you want to avoid this nightmare.

Therefore, 5 practical tips help prevent this fall scenario if you are going to put the dryer on the washing machine.

A washing machine and tumble dryer have become indispensable for many households.

If you have enough space in the house, they stand next to each other like two inseparable friends.

Otherwise, if you have to stack the two devices on each other due to lack of space, it becomes. It can still be quite a puzzle to get your new dryer on the washing machine without the risk that it can vibrate off.

Fortunately, the risk of the washing machine’s tumble dryer being vibrated has become a lot smaller in the current generation of washing machines. All new washing machines are equipped with a brushless motor, which is much quieter and vibrates less during centrifugation.

But it remains careful with the washing machines from a few years ago! These are still going strong when centrifugation. And prevention is better than cure.


5 Tips for Using Your Dryer Washing Machine 

5 Tips for Using Your Dryer Washing Machine 

That is why 5 tips from the editors of all you are going to put the dryer on the washing machine.

Tip 1: Is the washing machine level?

The main tip to avoid a walking washing machine is to level the machine on a solid surface.

There are adjusting legs under the washing machine that you can use if the surface is not completely level.

Also, the tumble dryer must, of course, be completely on top of the washing machine. With all our reviews, we mention the dimensions as much as possible. By measuring the width and depth of your washing machine blade yourself, you will know quickly enough whether everything will fit properly.

Standard dimensions tumble dryer.

  • Standard width tumble dryer: 60cm
  • Depth tumble dryer ranges from 58cm to 68cm.

Standard washing machine dimensions

  • Standard width washing machine: 60cm
  • Washing machine depth varies from 55cm to 70cm depending on drum size.

If the dryer’s adjusting legs are completely inside the top of the washing machine, then additional tools are not necessarily necessary.

I do always recommend a cheap anti-vibration foot under the washing machine to keep the setup stable. 


Tip 2: Universal insert for your washing machine and dryer

Such an intermediate machine dryer (as many people call it) is called a stacking kit in the webshop.

I still find it bizarre how expensive such a plastic insert is. However, a tumble dryer that fell off your washing machine is of nature even more expensive.

You should definitely use a stacking kit if the tumble dryer’s dimensions are greater than (the depth of) your washing machine.

Stacking kits come in many shapes and sizes. Universal, but also specific to a brand.

What should you pay attention to? There are stacking kits where you have to drill screws through the top of your washing machine.

I always think this is a “crass” to watch. Fortunately, some work with straps so that the washing machine comes out of the fight less battered.

View the total range of intermediate pieces/stacking kits. These universal intermediate frameworks from Expert are also affordable and easy to install.


Tip 3: Choose a perfect washing machine and dryer set

As you can see, it can still be quite a tour to give your tumble dryer a safe place on the washing machine.

By choosing one brand and series, you prevent the dimensions of devices from connecting.

These tips especially apply if you are looking for a tumble dryer and washing machine.

You can, of course, choose two different brands that come out on top of the comparison tests separately. If the devices can be next to each other, I would definitely advise this as well.

However, are you bound stacking the two machines? Take a look at these top 10 washing machine and dryer sets.

With these sets, you are sure of a stable setup and devices that are perfectly matched.


Tip 4: wash drying combination: a washing machine and dryer in 1!

What’s not on it can’t fall off either. A solution that many people do not yet know is a washer-drying combination.

This is one machine with which you can wash and dry.

The big advantage is that you save a lot of space in your home, you don’t have to put two separate machines in your home.

Nowadays, the performance and price of the washer dry combis are similar to individual devices.

Another advantage: the convenience of a full continuous program for washing and drying in one cycle.


Tip 5: Free tumble dryer advice

If you can’t quite get out after these tips, ask your question to the experts. (answer within 1 hour!)

You can also submit your question via chat, phone or e-mail. Within one hour, you will have your answer with a clear answer on how to put the dryer on the washing machine safely.

Of course, you can also put your question to the editors of