Steam Iron Buying Guide

Steam Iron Buying Guide

If you thought buying a steam iron was a game, I’m sure, as you started your quest, you’ve realized that nothing further from reality. In fact, you may have had a lot of questions about it. Well, we’ve created this section to answer them all. Shoot!


Why do traditional steam plates continue to succeed if ironing centres now exist?

This is, quite possibly, the first question you’ve asked yourself when thinking about buying your new steam iron. Despite the revolutionary ironing centres, traditional steam plates continue to succeed thanks to their functional characteristics.

Therefore, although the ironing centres are faster and more powerful, in practice, it is shown that we prefer to be functional and that, when it comes to ironing, we value other characteristics. In this case, iron can be stored anywhere and will not be all day telling us if we do not have much storage space.


But ironing centres also run on steam, don’t they?

  • Exactly! In fact, the traditional plates we all have in mind are not the only “steam plates” that exist. Currently, we can find other models that also work with steam. For example, we can distinguish between Traditional steam irons: those of a lifetime, the ones that we will fill with water and that we will use on an ironing board.
  • Plates with vertical option: aesthetically, they are the same as traditional ones but include a vertical ironing option similar to ironing centres (less powerful, of course).
  • Ironing centres or vertical plates: they are very comfortable, as we do not need to unhook the clothes to iron them or make use of them aboard. However, the results are not as good as we expect. Therefore, it is recommended to use this type of plates as a complement to traditional plates.
  • Travel plates: they are smaller in size for convenient transport. As a result, its tank is smaller and its power lower. Still, the results they offer are excellent.


What is the use of the drip system that includes many steam plates today?

Today, the plates include so many functions that, normally, we get out of hand. However, there is one in particular that we do not usually know much about, but that is essential to obtain the best results. It is the anti-drip function, also called Drop-stop or Aqua-Stop, and its main objective is to take care of the garments, especially the most delicate ones. Who hasn’t had a little water come out while ironing and staining a garment? Well, this is exactly what this drip system avoids. In this way, we make sure that all the water that comes out of the iron is vaporized and that it will not spoil the work that we have already done.


Can tap water be used on a steam iron?

This question may be a little old-fashioned. But, yes, most current models allow you to use tap water for those who don’t already know. How? Thanks to its antical system, it will filter out any waste that the water might have. However, even with the antical system, using tap water requires much more frequent cleaning of the iron to keep it in good condition.


What maintenance does a steam iron need?

  1. As we just mentioned, even if your steam iron model has an anti-drip system, cleaning and maintenance are critical to increasing its service life. Therefore, it is essential to clean the iron both inside and out with some frequency, especially to avoid obstructions. So, let’s get to work: Clean the tank: insert water with vinegar in equal parts and turn on the iron. When it is hot, drain until the tank is emptied. Then wipe it over to remove any dirt.
  2. To clean the sole: Place several tablespoons of salt in a dry cloth. Turn on the iron and, when hot, rub the cloth over the surface of the sole. When cool, remove the debris with another cloth. This is a good trick to remove the burn marks.


Steam Iron Buying Guide

Steam Iron

Okay, the questions are over for today. But don’t think we’re leaving now. First, we want to give you some last tips to choose the steam iron model that best suits your needs. Follow these purchase criteria, and you’ll see how easy it is for you to get it right. Notes!

Sole material

As it could not be otherwise, we will have to think about the manufacturing material of the sole of the iron. After all, it is the surface that will contact our clothes and thanks to which we will get the best results. Therefore, what we should always look for is:

  • Be scratch-resistant.
  • It can easily slide into different fabrics.
  • The distribution of the holes allows the steam to be distributed efficiently and homogeneously.

We can differentiate two materials by their characteristics.


Deposit size

Of course, one thing to keep in mind when choosing our next steam iron is the water tank’s size. Depending on the capacity you have, you’ll have to fill it in more or fewer times during the same ironing session. And, let’s face it, severing the activity to fill out the deposit is not the most appetizing thing.



Another factor we need to look at is the weight. He thinks it doesn’t take us five minutes to iron, and we’ll have to hold the iron in our hand all the time. Therefore, always try to choose one of the lightest models you find.

But, look, because at the manufacturer’s weight we must add the water that we will introduce to the tank. Therefore, if you have chosen one with a large deposit so that you do not have to be filling it constantly, you should also think about this. It’s a matter of balance.



And how we were going to forget to review the power if, after all, it’s the key to getting the results we expect. But also, get them in the shortest possible time and saving as much energy as possible. Well, then, what should I look for on the label?

  • On the one hand, this can vary between 800 and 2200 watts, although there are larger and lower ones. A power found in that range will be sufficient for normal home use.
  • The steam stroke (especially on vertical plates): should be about 70 or 100 grams per minute.

If we want to go a step further, we can look for a steam iron that, in addition to having good power, includes the option of automatic shutdown. This way, we’ll also be saving energy every time we don’t use it.


Other important functions

Finally, we must review well the functions that the model we are going to choose has. We have already mentioned before that the anti-drip function is essential in steam plates, but another one will guarantee us the best results. This is the antical function.

Did you know that lime is the biggest enemy of ironing? Well, yes, and the truth is, it can hurt clothes to the point where you have to throw them away. Luckily, we have this system. We can find it in three different ways:

  • Antical rods: you should wash once a month. To do this, immerse them for four hours in vinegared water.
  • Antical pills or filters: especially on those plates that specify that they are suitable for use with tap water.
  • Complex antical system: consists of antical tablets and their own function in the iron for cleaning lime. We found it in the most sophisticated models.



Doesn’t your steam ironwork like it used to? Do you think the time has come to change it? Well, now it’s easier than ever. Once all the doubts you may have had are resolved, you should only be guided by the aspects that will make a difference in your iron use.

Best of all, there is no need for a very high budget, as we can now find very functional and efficient models for a more than economical price. No more spoiling your clothes with a steam iron that’s no longer worth it. Get the best.

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