Stain Removal Guide for Clothes, Carpet, and Upholstery

Stain Removal Guide for Clothes, Carpet, and Upholstery

Do you think buying a stain-beer is a thing of a moment? Did you really stop to think about it? Just as you do, you realize it’s not as simple as you thought. But don’t worry, because next, we’ll answer all the questions that come up to you. Shoot!

Use the stain brush just before putting the garment in the washing machine. Although they are designed to apply on clothing, it is also not good that you spend hours and hours impregnated in the fabric. 


Are all stain-brushes the same?


The answer is a resounding no. Although most of us have never stopped to think about it, the reality is that there are three great types of stain-removers. Besides, within them, you can find more specificities depending on the type of stain or tissue. Notice the differences between them:

Degreasing stain-removingEnzyme stain removerActive oxygen stain-removing

It is the most specific type of the three, as it is specially designed for grease stains. It is made from enzymes and detergents with neutral pH. Active oxygen is a natural disinfectant and a great alternative to bleach.

It contains active agents that dissolve fat and remove it. That’s why these are eco-friendly stain-removing. It is convenient, as it can be mixed with detergent without the risk of spoiling the garments.

It is highly effective for this type of stain, even on the most delicate garments. In addition to removing stains, it does not leave any chemical odours impregnated in the garments. It is handy for use in delicate fabrics and dry washing.

They can also be used on other surfaces such as the kitchen or bathrooms. They are very effective even if we wash the clothes cold so as not to spoil the fabrics. Its effectiveness allows to use of minimal doses of the product and obtain excellent lots.lts


Any tips for applying the stain remover directly to your clothes?

Of course! We already know that the time to apply the stain-removing on the clothes is a little scary. Clearly, we don’t want to spoil it. And, in fact, we don’t have to, as these products are specifically designed for it. That said, not all of them, so take a good look at the manufacturer’s recommendations before you get down to business. But, if your stain remover is ready to apply directly, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Don’t moisten the stain beforehand; that will only cause it to spread further through the tissue.
  2. Use the stain brush just before putting the garment in the washing machine. Although they are designed to apply on clothing, it is also not good that you spend hours and hours impregnated in the fabric.
  3. Pay attention to the mode of application that appears on the label; not all are the same: for example, with some, you will have to rub, and with others, it will be enough to spray on top of the stain.
  4. Once you’ve completely covered the stain, put the garment in the washing machine and wash as you usually do.
  5. There may be spots that don’t come out the first time, don’t worry, for that there are also tricks and we’ll talk about them later.


And can it also be applied directly to delicate garments?

Delicate garments are always a challenge, and the truth is that it costs us even more to apply directly to any product. And we’re not right. Although there are indeed stain-removings specifically designed to apply directly to garments, it is not recommended in the case of the most delicate ones. Instead of performing a direct application, try doing so on a rag with which you will rub the garment. Always remember to do it in circles until you remove the stain. A good trick to avoid spoiling the garment is to do a small test in a hidden area. You know, better to prevent than to cure.


But some don’t apply to garments.

  • Effectively! Although the most common and the ones we all know are stain-removings applied directly to clothing, some don’t work that way. And, look, they’re no more or less effective. It’s all about doing it right. In addition to over clothing, we can use stain removers: In the washing machine: along with the usual detergent in the box. Check the proportions recommended by the manufacturer well depending on the type of stain.
  • Soaked: Make the mixture indicated by the manufacturer in a hole and leave the clothes soaking for 3 to 5 hours. Then rinse and wash with detergent as you normally do.


What do I do if the stain remover doesn’t work?

Despite the great effectiveness of these products, it is possible that to remove some stains, it is not enough to apply the stain remover. But, don’t worry, we have remedies for everything. If this is your case, try these home remedies and then reapply the stain remover before putting it in the washing machine for best results:


Stain Removal Buying Guide

Well, I’m sure you’re waiting for the final trick now: the one that will give you the key to choose the stain remover that best suits your needs rightly. Well, you’re not wrong. In this section, you will find the purchase criteria you should look at when choosing your new stain remover. Notes!

Type of stain

You’ll agree that not all stains are the same. Therefore, the first thing we need to value to choose the best stain remover is precisely the type of stain we want to remove. Well, broadly speaking, we can differentiate three different types of spots. Note the following table:

Type of stainExamplesType of stain-removing how to use

Oxidized stains Tea, coffee, tomato, wine, or mud Active oxygen stain-removing Apply directly to the stain or add it to the detergent to enhance its effect and dissolve it.

Fat spots Makeup, oil or chafing on the collars and cuffs of garments Degreasing stain-removing Spray the stain remover over the stain and then put the garment in the washing machine normally.

Organic stains Blood, sweat, milk or grass Enzyme stain remover Apply directly on the fly and wait a few minutes before washing the garment (by hand or by machine)

Specific or multi-purpose

And while there are specific stain removers for each of the stains we just mentioned, you’re looking for a multipurpose product that you can use whenever you need it. These also exist, although some aspects will have to be taken into account:

  • On the one hand, multipurpose stain removers may not be as effective for all stains types, especially for the most complicated to remove.
  • Also, it would help if you thought about the tissue in which the stain is located. If it is a very delicate garment, you should look for a specific product for that type of tissue if you do not want the remedy to be worse than the disease.



Another aspect that is important to consider at the time of choice is the format. In this case, we will be guided more by our tastes or by a more practical and ease of use issue. The most commonly used formats are usually:

  • Applicator
  • Gun
  • Spray
  • Impregnated wipes

With either of the four, we will get good results, but we may feel more comfortable using one or the other. Also, it is important to check manufacturers’ instructions well, as not all are designed for all types of stains.



Without a doubt, one of the aspects that we value most today of the products we use is that they are as ecological and natural as possible. If this is your case, you’re in luck. Did you know that ecological stain-removing also exists? Its main features are:

  1. They have a composition based on vegetable oils.
  2. This composition allows them not to leave any harmful substances in the garments.
  3. Therefore, it is ideal for use in the clothes of people who have sensitive skin.

Remember that if you are looking for an eco-friendly product, you should look on the label for the brands that grant this type of certification.


Size and expiration or service life

Finally, if we want the stain remover to be efficient, we must also think about the size. Although cleaning products do not usually have an expiration date, they will lose their properties over time. These usually last around six months.

Therefore, if it is not a product that you will use very often, it is best to choose a small size, and so you will not have to throw it without having finished it. On the contrary, if you’re going to give it a lot of use, bigger stains will save you from any situation.



No more fighting and fighting stains on our clothes! Today we have really effective stains that will certainly save us a lot of time. And, of course, its effectiveness is not at odds with the care of our garments.

It does not matter if we use it by applying it on the stain itself, using it in the washing machine together with the detergent or keeping it to soak if we prefer to wash it by hand; the important thing is that the stain disappears. And some products are a real miracle. Have you found the one that’s going to save you?

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