Regional Christian Councils

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Contact as on 31st July 2013
Dr. J.A. Oliver
Hony. Secretary – APCC
“Samanavay”, Deepthi Chambers
Opp. NIN, Vijayapuri
Hyderabad 500 017 A.P.
Tel: 040-27002498, (Fax) 27005381
Email :
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Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. K. Sardar
Secretary, Bengal Christian Council
Thoburn Memorial Methodist Church
151, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata-700 013
Tel : 033 – 22155775,
Cell: 09933139356
Email :
Contact as on 31st July 2013
The Rt. Rev. P. P. Marandih
Bihar Council of Churches,
Bishop’s House
Christ Church Compound
CNI Diocesan Centre,
Bhagalpur- 812 001, Bihar
Tel: 0641- 2400033 / 2300714 (Fax)
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Dr. Atul Arthur
Chhattisgarh Christian Council
Suman Niketan, Pendra Road,
Bilaspur-495 117, Chhattisgarh
Tel: 07751-220099,
Cell: 09425226131
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Ravikant Master
Secretary, Gujarat Council of Churches
Shalom Methodist Church
Rakhial, Ahmedabad-380 021, Gujarat
Tel: 079-22775318, 09825483508
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Arun Barwa
Jharkhand Council of Churches
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bahu Bazar
Church Road,
Ranchi-834 001,Jharkhand
Cell: 09939559424
Email :
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Dr. H.M. Watson
Secretary, Karnataka Christian Council
KACES Campus
Balmatta. Mangalore-575 001
Cell: 09845557581

Kerala Council of Churches (Ke C C)

The Kerala Council of Churches (Ke C C) is autonomous and inter-confessional, comprising Churches in Kerala and Christian organizations. It is a constituent member of the National Council of Churches, India (NCCI). It is established on the principle that the Churches can fulfill their common task of witness and service best in fellowship with one another for the extension of the Kingdom of God. The Council is the primary ecumenical expression in Kerala, which embraces, promotes and co-ordinates various forms of the church’s ministry to the society. As such, it brings together the Churches and other Christian organizations for mutual consultation, mutual assistance and cooperative action in all matters related to Christian endeavour.

The present day (Ke C C) had its humble beginning in the year 1940 as the Kerala Regional Christian Conference, an auxiliary of the Madras representative Christian Council which in turn had been the South India Unit of National Christian Council. Presently this primary ecumenical body has 13 churches and 20 Ecumenical Organizations in Kerala, as Members and continues to serve as the regional council of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI). Because of the vision and praxis of the pioneers, Kr C C in its history, had never been a conglomerate of different Churches, but a new entity transcending the walls of separations between churches, witnessing and proclaiming the Kingdom of God and new Humanity commenced in Jesus Christ. Its mission has been consistently holistic, addressing the realm of, not only humanity but, the entire created order. The emphases had always been on the wider community and never been sectarian or regional.

Ke C C upholds the creativity and freedom bestowed on humans by God which be nurtured and developed for the transformation of the whole creation in the vision of the Kingdom of God and commits to express solidarity with the oppressed, the poor, the marginalized and the alienated and seeks to initiate and promote action in areas of their social, cultural and economic needs in the path of transformation. Kerala Council of Churches is a united and uniting force among the Christian Churches in Kerala.

1. Seminar on social issues
2. Awareness Programmes
3. Inter faith and inter-denominational dialogue
4. Ecumenical College students get-together
5. Ecumenical Prayer Fellowship
6. Ecumenical Carol Service
7. Ecumenical Youth Assembly
8. Charity to the very needy people
9. Meaningful intervention during natural calamities
10. Expanding Ecumenical joint pilgrimage through Kr C C zones.

At present there are thirty five Zones throughout Kerala State.

1. Women’s Commission
2. Youth Commissions
3. Current Affairs Commissions
4. Evangelistic and Pastoral Commission
5. Communication Commission
6. Dialogue Commission
7. Social Concern Commission
8. Ecological Commission
9. Dalit and Tribal Commission
10. Education Commission
11. Faith and Unity Commission

Contact as on 31st July 2013
Very Rev. K. S. Mathew
General Secretary
Kerala Council of Churches (KeCC)
Kaleekal, Manganam-686 018
P.O. Kottayam, Kerala
Tel. : 0481-2575666 Cell: 09496425885

Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rt. Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh
President, MPCC
Bishop’s House, CNI
2131, Napier Town
Jabalpur 482 001, M.P.
Tel. 0761-2622692 (R) 2622109 (Fax) Cell: 9826120983
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Dr. Victor Gollapalli
Hon. Secretary
Maharashtra Council of Churches
c/o Bible Society of India
Malhotra House, Opp. GPO
Fort, Mumbai-400 001, Maharashtra
Tel: 022-22611707, (Fax) 22619886
Cell : 09322868935
North East India Christian Council (NEICC)
The North East India Christian Council (NEICC) was established on 23rd November 1937 by the American Baptist Mission; the Santal Mission of the Northern Churches; the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Mission; the Co-operative Baptist Mission of North America- “the Mid Mission”, the English Baptist Mission South Lushai Hills; the Church of God; the Welsh Presbyterian Mission; and the Church of India.
1. The Council is established on the Principle that Church is central in the Christian enterprise that the local congregation is basic to its life and witness and that carrying out God’s holistic mission is its primary task.2. Churches, Missions, Christian organizations/ societies/ associations which are associated shall undertake to observe the rule of comity as interpreted by the Council.3. The Council is established for mutual consultation and assistance in all matters affecting the Christian enterprise.Objects and Functions:
1. To encourage Christian Fellowship, co-operation and Comity by common counsel among the various bodies in North East India, aiming at a Church Union.2. To promote co-operation and united action in matters of common interest.3. To help in creating, formulating and maintaining Christian public opinion and to take such actions as may be deemed necessary on the social, moral and other questions of the day.4. To consult, advise, assist and act with or on behalf of the constituent bodies, if required by them to do so.5. To co-operate with other regional Christian Church/Councils as necessity arises, in matters affecting Christian life and ministry as a whole for the purpose of the growth of the Churches in its ecumenical endeavour.6. To take all possible steps to give effect to the principle that in the Christian enterprise the Church is central and permanent.7. To liaison with the state governments of the region/Central government on behalf of the constituent bodies and takes such actions as may be necessary, on issues pertaining to life and witness to Christian Churches, and organizations of the area.

8. To liaison with National Council of Churches in India on issues having national/global impact.

9. It shall be the constituent endeavour of the Council to generate the climate of cordiality and the spirit of mutual respect among the units.

Membership in the Council is open to such Christian bodies on the following conditions:

1. Acceptance of the basis, objectives and functions of the Council.
2. Acceptance of the rule of comity of the Council.
3. Church organisations having minimum total membership of Five-thousand.
4. Payment of affiliation fee annually.
5. Payment of the annual contributions.
Office Bearers
The Council has:-
(1) President, (2) Two Vice Presidents,
(3) Full time Secretary (4) Treasurer.

The Office bearers are for a term of two years, except the Secretary whose term is three years (four years commencing from 2012)


The Council has the following Committees:
1. Executive Committee
2. Working Committee

Six Standing Committees as the following:

1. Christian Home and Stewardship Committee
2. Church Union Committee
3. Mission & Evangelism Committee
4. Peace and Justice Committee
5. Theological Education Committee
6. Land and Property Committee.

Youth and Women Assembly:

The Council has Youth and Women Assembly called NEICCYA and NEICCWA having a separate functions and administration under the guidance of the NEICC. Each of them has biennial Assembly respectively. Women Assembly has full-time Secretary. Both the assemblies often organized various activities.

Annual Session/Biennial Session:

The Council meets once every year in the third week of May in which each member Church and associate members send their representatives according to the basis of representation made by the Council. In the year 2012, the Council celebrated its 75th anniversary and Session passed to have biennial session from 2012 onward and the first biennial Session will be in 2014.


The NEICC runs a College called, ‘the Union Christian College’ at Umiam Khwan (Barapani), Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya, 27km away from Shillong. It is fully residential and co-educational. It offers courses in Arts and Science at Higher Secondary Education level and Degree level. It has been placed under the Deficit System of the Government of Meghalaya. A Chaplain and a Doctor is also posted to care for spiritual and physical life of the community. The College is affiliated to North Eastern Hills University.

Ecumenical Involvement:

The Council itself is an ecumenical body and as such its activities and functions are by and large contributions towards ecumenical movement. Since its inception the NEICC has been taking the issues of Church Union movement, partnership, co-operation as its core functions. Seminars, Consultations, Workshops and several other relevant programmes have been organized to initiate unity, peace and mutual understanding among its constituent bodies. The NEICC also has been often seriously involved in burning social issues and problems like HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, Ethnic conflict, communalism etc. in order to create an atmosphere of peace, justice and innovative actions.

Day of Prayer
A permanent date for the NEICC Day of Prayer is fixed on the 3rd Sunday of October every year. All affiliated bodies are expected to observe this date annually, and the collections on this special day shall be sent to the NEICC Office for its general administration.

The Council never gets any foreign funds but receives support from its constituent members and well wishers. The regular source of income is the affiliation fees, annual contribution and the Day of Prayer collection from Churches only.

Affiliation to NCCI
The NEICC was affiliated to the NCCI in the year 1939.

Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. R. Lalnunzira
Secretary, NEICC
Bivar Road, European Ward
PB 102, Shillong 793 001, Meghalaya
Tel: 0364-2225496, (Fax) 2225585
Cell: 09862054835

Contact as on 31st July 2013
The Rt. Rev. P.K. Samantaroy
Bishop-Amritsar Dio., CNI
26, R. B. Prakash Chand Road
Opp. Police Ground
Amritsar-143 001, (Pb.)
Tel/Fax: 0183-2222910,
Cell: 09815462121
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Rev. Nirmal David
Secretary, NWICC
Centenary Methodist Church
24, Lodhi Road, Near Lodhi Hotel
New Delhi 110 003
Tel: 011-24362441, Cell: 09313351149

Santalia Council of Churches


The Santalia Council of Churches was founded in 1937. This is a Regional Christian Council in Character. Generally, Regional Christian Councils are created on State wise, but the Santalia Council of Churches was created on community base. Only the church members of Santal community are the members of the Santalia Council of Churches. Therefore, the Santals from different churches became the members of the Santalia Council of Churches. The church denominations from where the members joined are: Northern Evengelical Lutheran Church, Santal Mission of the Northern Churches, Church of India-Pakistan-Burma and Ceylon, United Church of Northern India, Methodist Church of Bengal District, Methodist Church of Southern Asia, Bengal Baptist Union, Brethren in Christ Mission and Pentecostal Holiness Mission.


Since the foundation of the Council, the general assemblies were conducted every year in different places under different churches. Representatives from different councils were also attending the assemblies, such as: Bengal Christian Council, Bihar Christian Council, Assam Christian Council, Bible Society of India, National Christian Council, etc. Among the various activities of the Council, following were some of them: Bible Examination, Sunday School, Youth Leadership Programme, Publication of Santali Literature, Adult Education, Rural Upliftment, Development of Santali Language, Christian Schools, Re-union of Churches, etc.

Present Situation 

Since the foundation of the Santalia Council of Churches, there were foreign missionaries in the leading part. Therefore, all the wings of the Council were well functioning. Upto 1980, it was alright. After that missionaries were gone and the Santals of the country took the charge, the work of the Council gradually became slow and at last it was only for name sake. In the year 2011 some well wishers decided to revive the Council. Accordingly, they called a meeting on 12th November, 2011 at Bandorjuri Mission, Dumka and formed a new committee. At present there are three Church Denominations from where the members have joined the Santalia Council of Churches. They are: Northern Evengelical Lutheran Church, Church of North India and Methodist Church of India. Now the new committee is preparing the action plan.

Contact as on 31st July 2013
Mr. Joy Raj Eric Tudu, Pakur (CNI)
Secretary, Santalia Council of Churches
CNI-SBSS (Resource Centre for Social Action on Tribal Identity & Indigenous Rights)
Diocesan Village,
Eprata Apartments Flat A-01,
Near Siromtoli Chowk, Old H.B. Road
Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand
Cell: 09771490232

Contact as on 31st July 2013
Ms. V. Esther Kathiroli
Secretary, TNCC
1, Race Course Road (Interior), Guindy
Chennai 600 032 T.N.
Tel: 044 – 22351105/ 22324370 (R)
Fax: 044 – 22354187, Cell: 09444024180
Email :;
Contact as on 31st July 2013
Ms. Jyotsna Rani Patro
Hony. Secretary
Utkal Christian Council
Harobino Villa, Hillpatna
Old Christian Street
Berhampur (Gm.), Orissa 760 005
Cell: 09337502343
Email :
Contact as on 31st July 2013
The Secretary
Uttar Pradesh & Uttranchal Council of Churches
St. Paul’s Church Compound
4/116 D Church Road, Civil Lines
Agra-282 002, U.P.
Tel: 0562 – 2151481, 2154845
Fax: 0562 – 2520074
Email :
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