How To Wash Shoes In the Washing Machine

How To Wash Shoes In the Washing Machine

Can I wash my shoes in the washing machine without breaking them? Any kind of cloth shoes, linen shoes, synthetic soldier shoes, sneakers, ballerinas or slippers can be cleaned wonderfully in the washing machine. Instead of disposing of the expensive sports shoes, they can simply be cleaned in the already program washing machine and then look almost like new. However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that the shoes really look like new and don’t break during the wash.


3 Step: Washing Shoes in the Washing Machine

Washing Shoes

Step 1: What is there to consider before washing your shoes?

Before putting the shoes in the washing machine, you should remove the coarse dirt with a shoe or toothbrush. Don’t forget to brush off the shoes’ soles and remove small stones from the profile if necessary. Remove the laces and inserts that the dirt can be removed.


Step 2: Wash shoes with the right washing program

washing program

Set the gentle wash to prevent the shoes from fade out. Make the slingshot out. Wash your shoes at a temperature of 30 °C and add more, robust clothes (towel, bed sheets, etc.)to the shoes. Otherwise, the hard sole of the shoe could damage the laundry drum.

Alternatively, you can wash the shoes in a jute bag. Some washing machines have a function that is especially suitable for sneakers. Use conventional wool detergent or white detergent if you want to wash shoes with white fabric. Avoid softeners, however, as this could damage the material and the places where the shoes are glued.


Step 3: Dry shoes properly after washing

After washing, fill the shoes with old newsprint and kitchen roll – so they stay in shape and the paper sucks moisture so that the inside of the shoes does not start to mould.

Change the paper after a few hours. In summer you can also put the shoes outside for drying. However, make sure that the shoes are not directly in the blazing sun, but in a rather shady place, so they do not fade or deform.


Shoe Wash by Hand

Shoe Wash by Hand

Generally, it is gentler for the washing machine and the shoe, to clean it by hand. Also, the shoes should not be washed too often, as adhesives

and seams can eventually dissolve. The following shoes should never be washed in the washing machine:

  • Leather shoes Since leather usually does not tolerate water, we recommend cleaning the leather shoes with special cleaning agents and a lint-free cotton cloth. This way, no scratches are created, and the leather does not harden. Care the leather shoe about cleaning with leather cream or wax.
  • Shoes with metal applications such as rivets, buckles, etc. should not be washed in the washing machine. The metal parts can damage the washing machine drum by falling off and getting into the drum – this destroys the drum and the shoe. You can also use lukewarm water and scrub the shoes with a sponge and mild soap until the dirt has disappeared. Then rinse and stuff with newspaper.
  • High heels should of course not be cleaned in the washing machine, but by hand, as the heels can be easily damaged or even break off. Use a fine brush and brush the dirt lightly.
  • Sandals, boots, etc. should also be washed by hand because they are often made of leather and often have fine details and embellishments.


Conclusion: Washing shoes in the washing machine or by hand?

1. All synthetic, linen and fabric shoes can be washed wonderfully in the washing machine.

2. Leather shoes, ballerinas and boots should be brushed by hand with lukewarm water and then treated with leather wax or cream.

3. Wash your shoes in a cloth bag or otherwise padded the washing machine with towels or sheets. Otherwise, the laundry drum could be damaged.

4. Do not wash the shoes individually!

5. Use conventional detergent and do not use a softener! Adjust the gentle washing process without slinging or (if available) the shoe washing function.

6. After washing, stop the shoes with newsprint or kitchen roll and change them regularly. Attention: do not stuff too tightly. Otherwise bumps may arise, or the shoe can leak.


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