How To Make Your Kitchen Shine & Clean Stainless Steel

How To Make Your Kitchen Shine & Clean Stainless Steel

What is a kitchen is not all made of stainless steel: extractor hood, stove, fridge, pots, cutlery and so much more. Keeping these items clean, and doing so without streaks and streaks, is sometimes not that easy.

We have tried the best tricks and would like to share with you today what you can look out for when cleaning and which home remedies have proven best. Have fun reading!


Do not use aggressive means

You should definitely do without overly sharp means such as abrasive milk. Steel wool should also not be used for pots and cutlery. Scratches are too easily created here.

Use a microfiber cloth

Often it is enough to moisten a microfiber cloth a little and wipe over the stainless steel surfaces. Because it has a fine surface and leaves no scratches.




How can it be otherwise? Vinegar is once again the all-rounder.

To clean the stainless steel, you mix it with water in a ratio of 1:4, let it act briefly and polish it with a fine microfiber cloth. It is particularly helpful for lime stains on stainless steel.


Soda and baking powder for tea and coffee stains

Tea contains plant tannins that cause the stains. With 3 tablespoons of soda, which you mix with 1 tablespoon of water, you get the stainless steel surface clean again. Simply place on the stain, leave to act briefly and remove with a microfibre cloth.

Baking powder is perfect for coffee stains. Put baking powder and water in a 1:1 ratio and put it on the spot. After a short act, you can wipe it off and polish it with a microfiber cloth.

Already the surfaces shine again!



In the case of light dirt or stains, detergent is a simple and proven solution. Put some detergent on a damp microfiber cloth, go over the dirty surface and it shines again.


Oily baby wipes

Do you often have problems cleaning the extractor hood properly? Then try it with oily baby wipes. They free the stainless steel very well from grease and everything shines again in the most beautiful shine.


Cooking oil

Edible oil is ideal for polishing stainless steel. Take a soft cloth, add some cooking oil and start polishing. You’ll see how beautiful it looks afterwards. It is important that you make sure that after polishing all oil residues are completely removed. Otherwise, there may be unsightly encrustation on the surface.



These are now some home remedies that have proved their worth in use. Of course, there are also more chemical agents that are offered in specialist stores, for example HERE. Here everyone has to decide for themselves how best to clean and care for the stainless steel.

We hope that this article will make it easier for you to keep all the stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen clean from now on. If you know more tried and tested home remedies, please write them here in the comments. We would be very happy!