How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV | Clean LED TVs

How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV | Clean LED TVs

We all love our flicker box, which provides relaxation and distraction after a hard day’s work. But if fingerprints and dust compromise the TV experience on the screen, most are faced with how to clean the LCD, plasma or OLED TV properly. Because here you have to be careful: While you can still wipe the coffee table comfortably with a rag, there are a few things to consider if you don’t want to ruin your usually expensively purchased TV.

Read all about how to clean your TV properly so you can enjoy your movies and series in undisturbed quality again. And by the way: These tips are also great for cleaning your computer screen.


Why Do I Need to Clean My TV?


This question is probably unnecessary for households with children. Because there you know the unsightly fingerprints that children often leave on the screen after plastering chocolate or ice cream. And also smokers know the annoying deposits that nicotine leaves on your TV. But even if both don’t apply to you: A TV has many small openings in which dirt gets stuck unnoticed and can damage the device in the long run. Thus, the TV should be dusted off regularly and cleaned from time to time moist.

For Dry Cleaning:

For quick dusting of the device in between, dust or eyeglass cleaning cloths are quite suitable. Nevertheless, read the instructions for use in advance of all aids, because there you will find an indication about whether the cloth may be used for TV cleaning or possibly contains substances that the sensitive screen, especially on LCD TVs, does not tolerate.

To ensure order even in the speakers and small openings on the back of the device, a soft brush is ideal, as the fine hair reaches every corner. Ensure the brush is clean and hasn’t previously served as a makeup brush or anything like that.

Another effective way to clean the screen is a compressed air spray. Although the device does not even need to be touched, one has to be very careful, as one may spray dirt particles into the device’s openings – and thus causes exactly the opposite of the project.

Often also the good old vacuum cleaner is recommended. Of course, it is suitable for indenting dust, but it is also very bulky, and you risk leaving a scratch on the screen with the metal and plastic parts. You should not use the vacuum cleaner if there is a fan behind the openings. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner will move it. The result: electricity is generated, and the device can be damaged.

For Wet Cleaning:

If it is then time for wet cleaning, microfiber cloths are best suited for this – one for wiping and one for drying. Because these are soft enough not to scratch and fuss the surface, unlike kitchen roll and co. Afterwards, a little tap water is completely sufficient to clean the device.

Of course, there are special screen cleaners on the market that help to get the TV clean. However, these are usually very expensive and therefore only pay off if the screen is above average dirty. If cleaning the TV is a thorn in your side, however, it may be worth purchasing a so-called screen sealer: these are special means that contain microscopic particles that sit on the screen to protect it from dirt. This makes the next cleaning easier.


Caution! From these means you should rather leave your fingers:

The TV screen should never come into contact with detergents that contain acid or alcohol – and unfortunately, most of the drugs you find in the super or drugstore market do. And it would help if you also used the otherwise harmless window cleaner sparingly if you want to use it for cleaning. This often leaves unsightly streaks and sometimes honest – who wants to study the ingredients for a long time, if you can also use water.

Clean LED TV – step by step:

1. Before you start cleaning, the TV should be cooled for at least 1 hour. This means: Turn off the device and disconnect the power plug.

2. Take care of the device’s back first and remove dust from the small openings with a soft brush.

3. Moisturize one of the microfiber cloths with some water and wipe it over the screen.

4. Now take the dry microfiber cloth to free the screen from any moisture then.


Don’t Forget to Clean Remote Control!

Of course, every TV always has a suitable remote control. And when you consider how often we hold them in our hands or sometimes like to spill a few drops of Coke on it, it quickly becomes clear that the remote control should also be cleaned regularly. And so it goes quite simply:

From the outside: The remote control surface can be easily wiped with wet wipes and cleared of dirt. Just make sure that the clothes do not contain alcohol or oil and are lint-free.

From the inside: To clean the remote control from the inside, you must first disassemble the housing and remove the batteries. In contrast to the surface, alcohol, acetone, or vinegar is suitable for cleaning the inner life. Place the cleaning agent on a cotton swab to reach the small corners. Once everything has dried again, you can screw the clean remote control back together.

With these tips, you will again enjoy a radiantly clean TV as well as a hygienically clean remote control, which is looking forward to the next movie evening.