How to Clean The Microwave?

How to Clean The Microwave?

How to clean the microwave?

The choice of how to clean the microwave oven depends on the degree of its contamination, as well as on the material of the coating. Almost all available methods are based on the creation of a steam “bath” effect, which effectively softens and removes even long-standing plaque.

The main ways to cleanse:

  • Regular water is the best option for taking care of the new stove, as well as for eliminating minor contaminants;
  • Fresh lemon or citric acid is suitable for medium contamination on any type of coating, but for enamel it is recommended to carry out a procedure of cutting;
  • Table vinegar – allows you to remove even the injected fat and carbon monoxide, but it is better to use a gentler method for enamel coating;
  • A solution made of baking soda and water is an effective method for removing medium and strong contaminants inside the oven;
  • Household soap is the easiest and most affordable way to cleanse, as soap is in every home;
  • Dishwashing liquid – an alternative to the previous version;
  • chemicals – you can buy special compounds to clean microwave ovens that will help solve any problem.

Let’s list the main ways to clean the microwave with improvised means at home. Many means are available in each house, they are enough to prepare: breed in water in the right proportions.


Simple water is suitable for regular microwave care. It can create a steam bath effect and clean the microwave oven. For this purpose, it is best to prepare filtered or distilled water.

What do you need to do?

  • Pour water into the microwave bowl;
  • Put the container in the microwave oven and set the mode of strong heating for 5-10 minutes;
  • open the door and remove the sponge from the walls of the resulting condensate.


Lemon acid

The principle described above is used to clean the camera. 1 cup of water is poured into the microwave bowl, after which 1 teaspoon of citric acid or juice of two lemons (limes) is added. This method also well eliminates foreign odours.

How do we act?

  • Water with a solution of lemon (or acid) put in the oven on maximum heating for about 10 minutes;
  • After the end of the specified mode of operation, we leave the device closed for 10-15 minutes;
  • remove pollution from the walls with a damp cloth.



One of the most effective ways to clean the microwave is from the heavy pollution inside the chamber. Vinegar easily corrodes oily film and snougs, but the use of this method requires compliance with safety rules. Users are not advised to inhale vapours of this substance or to touch condensate with their bare hands, as there is a possibility of chemical burns. Another drawback of this method is the sharp bad smell, which will be present in the cell for some time. To eliminate it microwave oven will have to be aired for some time.

How do we clean the microwave?

  • pour half a litre of water into the bowl and add 3 tablespoons of vinegar 9%;
  • Put the dishes with the solution in the microwave oven for a few minutes, set strong heating;
  • After the technician has finished the work, leave the door closed for about 20 minutes;
  • clean the walls with a sponge or napkin dipped in vegetable oil.

If the fat and gar could not be eliminated the first time, the procedure can be repeated.



This method is more suitable for cleaning enamel coatings. Food soda not only softens pollution well, but also disinfects the camera, as well as gives the coating shine.

How do we clean the microwave oven?

  • Pour 1 cup of water into the microwave bowl and add a tablespoon of soda;
  • Heat the resulting mixture for 10 minutes;
  • The walls of the camera are wiped first with a damp sponge and then with paper towels.


Household soap

This popular means of cleaning the camera can be called one of the easiest and most accessible. Economic soap makes it easy and quick to eliminate even severe pollution.

What do we do?

  • in a glass of water on a small grater rub a little household soap and foam it;
  • Apply foam to the walls of the camera;
  • after 10 minutes, wash off the contamination and carefully remove the remnants of soap.



If you don’t like the smell of household soap, but microwave walls need to be washed away from fat, consider this method. The dishwasher is no less effective, but it is devoid of the disadvantages of the previous method.

You will need:

  • Add a few drops of dishwashing products to a glass of water;
  • To make a resulting solution;
  • Apply foam to the microwave walls for 10 to 15 minutes;
  • wipe the dirty walls first with a damp and then dry cloth.


Special household chemicals

The use of specialized compounds allows you to quickly and efficiently clean the microwave from any contaminants and unpleasant odors. You can find such tools in any store of household chemistry. The method of use will be specified on the packaging.


Properly clean the TEN for grilling

This microwave part has a complex geometric shape, so it is not easy to wash it. In addition, when using the baking regimen, TEN is greatly heated, so drops of fat and food particles that fall on it, quickly turn into a strong tan.

If this part is not cleaned in a timely manner, then at the next use it can begin to shake, filling the kitchen with acrid smoke.

It is best to wash TEN with special chemicals, but if they were not at hand, the user can resort to the following method:

  • Take a thick wire and give it the shape of a rounded hook.
  • Wrap a wire hook with a microfiber napkin;
  • Moisten the fabric with ethyl alcohol and rub the TEN several times.


Cleaning the microwave outside

For this purpose, it is best to buy a special tool. In its absence, you can take a liquid to wash the glasses with an aerosol sprayer. With it, you can return the glossy shine of the surface of the microwave oven.

The following composition copes well with the cleansing of the outer surface of the microwave: 2 parts water, 1 part ethanol and 1 part of regular food vinegar 9%.


  • Wipe the surface of household appliances from dust. The back panel can only be cleaned with a dry or slightly wet cloth.
  • On the door, the top and side panels apply a cleaner.
  • After 5-10 minutes, wash off the product and wipe the body of the equipment dry.


General rules for cleaning microwave ovens

Before you clean the microwave inside and out, you need to provide a number of safety requirements:

  • After creating the effect of the steam bath, that is, the microwave furnace at full capacity for 5-10 minutes with the cleaning composition in the chamber, the equipment must be disconnected from the electrical grid.
  • To clean the interior of the inside, the glass pallet and the circle with the wheels on which it is installed are also removed and washed.
  • All sponges and rags from microfiber should be only slightly moisturized. The outer back panel is cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • It is not allowed to get moisture behind the bars of the magnetron. This can cause a short circuit and microwave failure.
  • To remove persistent contaminants, the effect of the steam bath is used, which softens them. It is not possible to use abrasive cleaning products so as not to damage the coating.
  • Immediately after cleaning the microwave oven should be left for airing. When the remnants of moisture from the chamber evaporate, the device can be included in the network.


Prevention of persistent pollution

Here are a few life hacks that will help prevent the formation of carbon monoxide and oily film in the microwave chamber:

  • Pollution should be cleaned as soon as the microwave oven is used;
  • It is worth buying a glass cover or plastic cap – they will prevent the spraying of fat and liquid on the walls of the camera;
  • It is possible to carry out preventive cleaning with regular water every 1 to 2 days;
  • buttons and touchpad are best wiped daily.