How to Choose the Right Electric Rice Cooker

How to Choose the Right Electric Rice Cooker

We’ve prepared this shopping guide so you can purchase the best rice cooker. It will be the one that adapts optimally to your tastes, needs and budget. You must take a good look at all the information we’re going to show you so you can make the right decision. Take note of the following sections. Don’t get complicated anymore; a rice cooker will make your life easier.


What is Rice Cookers, And How Do They Work?

Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are appliances that can prepare rice quickly and easily. It does cook the rice together with the water until this ingredient has a perfect cooking point. Many brands on the market offer rice cookers, with some differences to consider. How a rice cooker works is so simple that anyone can use it. Deposit the rice and water in the container enabled for this purpose. Then you have to add some oil and salt and run the machine. In a few minutes, you will have ready white rice with a perfect cooking point.


What should the use of rice cookers look like?

  • There are several tips to keep in mind when using your rice cooker. You mustn’t overlook them. They are key to get the most out of this appliance and to last as long as possible. If you do, you will enjoy making rice with this device for many years:Cleaning: You must clean the rice cooker container thoroughly. The rice releases starch while cooking. You should remove this substance well so that the rice does not stick the next time you use it. In this way, you will allow the non-stick coating that they usually carry to work.
  • Point: Getting the point of rice with a rice cooker is easier than with other cooking. In the instructions, you will find the recommended cooking times. Keep in mind that it will be the use that allows you to set the most appropriate times. Don’t forget that the minutes you’ll need rice to depend on your class and the type of water.
  • Multifunctional: Some rice cooker models can be used to prepare other types of meals. Also, there are certain appliances of this type that are also steamers that allow you to cook different ingredients with this type of cooking.
  • Security: Keep in mind that, like any other appliance, it is necessary to keep the rice cooker away from the water. Suppose you need to clean the outside of the appliance using a slightly dampened Payette. Of course, never immerse this machine in water.

With a rice cooker, you will be able to surprise your guests with high-quality dishes.


What other dishes can you prepare with rice cookers?

In one of the sections shown in the previous section, you have seen that you can use rice cookers to prepare different dishes. Keep in mind what we’re saying because if you do more things with your appliance, you’ll be able to make your investment even more profitable. We’ve prepared this table, so you know some options:

food preparation

Quinoa Put twice as much water as quinoa in the rice cooker and set the necessary cooking time. Then use quinoa to prepare the dish you want.

Soups To make a soup in the rice cooker, you only have to enter all the ingredients and schedule the time it takes to be cooked. You will enjoy all its flavour.

A Pasta Rice cooker can help you make any pasta. Just cook it inside your bowl. Then add your favourite sauce, and it’s ready.

Rice Not just white rice. Different types of rice can be prepared, such as chicken or seafood. You will find different recipes to make this type of dishes, and you can also use your imagination.

Celebrity chef and TV presenter Julia Child gave the key to success in the kitchen:

“You don’t have to cook sophisticated or complicated masterpieces, just a good meal with fresh ingredients.”


Why should you buy a rice cooker?

Many reasons should convince you that you should buy a rice cooker. Taking them into account will reaffirm the decision you’ve certainly already made. But even if you’re clear that you’re going to buy it, it’s good that you know why you should. We have prepared a table to make everything better explained:

Price As you have already seen, it is an appliance with a fairly affordable price. Also, they save a lot of energy when cooking.

Size You’ll find different rice cooker sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The more you become a family, the bigger it’s going to have to be.

Cooking If you are fond of rice and consume it, you will often value the cooking point it gets. Without a doubt, it is the best option to achieve an excellent result.

Versatility In the market, you can find different models that can prepare other dishes. In a previous section, you have already seen some options.

Simplicity Although it is an appliance, its use is effortless and intuitive. You’ll barely have to consult the instructions to learn how to use it.

Temperature, Most models have an option to keep rice warm after cooking. They can keep the temperature for even several hours.


How to make rice with a rice cooker?

  • Making rice with a rice cooker is very simple. We have already said throughout this article that anyone can make this dish. You don’t need to have prior cooking skills. Just follow these steps: Wash the rice with water to remove the starch if desired.
  • Place the rice together with the water and salt on the rice cooker.
  • Turn on the rice cooker and set the cooking time.
  • When the time is up, let the rice rest for a few minutes before serving.
  • Move the rice inside the rice cooker and then serve the individual portions.

The rice has its exact point; a rice cooker will help you find it.


What results does each type of rice give?

  • Depending on the type of rice you use, you will get some results or others. It’s important to keep this look in mind, so you’re not surprised by the main ingredient you get. Please pay attention to the following points: Short rice: It is the one used to prepare sushi, for example. It has a lot of starch. You get rice that is not too fluffy and sticks easily.
  • Medium grain rice: It’s kind of sticky but more fluffy than the last one. It is the one that is most used in Spanish cuisine.
  • Long grain rice: It’s always fluffy and doesn’t stick. It is the one that needs the most water to cook and the one that takes the longest to be ready. Basmati rice or jasmine is of this kind.


What are the pros and cons of rice cookers?

By now, you’re already clear about many reasons to get a rice cooker. You’ve figured out how practical it can be. But now let’s review with you some of its main advantages and certain disadvantages that may present. Analyzing them can be key to making your final decision.


  • They allow you to make rice with ease.
  • Help save energy
  • Cook healthily


  • Some models do not have a large capacity


Buying Guide For Rice Cooker

Buying Guide For Rice Cooker

We are almost finishing our shopping guide. But we cannot conclude without reviewing several criteria that you must consider before opting for one rice cooker model or another. They’re all important aspects. If you want to make the best possible acquisition, you can not neglect any of these aspects:


In the market, you will find rice cookers with different capacities. Some are used to prepare only two or three servings, while other models exceed 10. Calculate the usage you’re going to give him and the number of members of your family. Find out if the chosen model allows you to prepare fewer rations than its maximum capacity.

Anyone can make delicious rice with a rice cooker. It is a perfect appliance for those who do not have too much experience in the kitchen.



It doesn’t need to have great power for the rice cooker to deliver a good result. But if it has it, the energy consumption will be higher. Please take a good look at the number of watts it has and its energy efficiency. The cost of using this appliance will depend on these factors.



There are certain features that you’re interested in having the rice cooker of your choice. One of them is that it turns off automatically when the allotted time is over; you will prevent the rice from being on fire. Another interesting feature is to keep warm so that you can keep the rice temperature for longer.



Make sure the rice cooker is easy to clean. One of the most important aspects is that the container in which the rice is cooked is removable so that you can clean it without problems. Also, it must have a non-stick coating so that the food does not stick to the walls. The outside can be cleaned with a damp Payette.


Simplicity of use

Most rice cookers are very easy to use. But it’s good to check that the chosen model is. Have easy-to-use features that don’t have any complications. Try to intuitive and avoid those models that can cause you a small headache because they are not simple.


Other options

Some rice cooker models allow you to prepare other dishes in addition to rice. For example, some appliances have a steamer for steam cooking. While others let you cook different dishes in the same bowl, you make the rice. Check if the chosen model gives you these options.



A rice cooker is the easiest way to make rice. Some models allow you to cook other dishes, either because they have a steamer or in the same container. In most cases, using such an appliance is very simple. Check that for the chosen model; this is the case.

You’ll find rice cookers with different capabilities, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Verify that you have features that simplify your use, such as auto power off or keeping food warm. Most models have a small size, so their storage won’t be a problem for you.

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