How To Choose Electric Broom

How To Choose Electric Broom

An electrical appliance is a household appliance equipped with brushes and designed for cleaning. It collects large debris on the surface of the floor, except for dust, and places it in an internal container. The device in many senses is preferable to a vacuum cleaner but inferior to the last in functionality. It does not suck up the garbage, but sweeps it, inertia throwing in the garbage collector.

How to act

The device looks like a mop. It consists of a small box, the height of which is 5-12 cm. width and length also vary depending on the model. The handle, which is adjustable to the height, is attached to the box, fixed with the help of a hinge mechanism. This allows it to fold at an angle of 180 degrees. Inside the working box is one or more brushes. When the device is turned on, they begin to rotate, grabbing their pile of garbage and inertia throwing inside the existing collection.

As the garbage collector is filled, the efficiency of the device decreases. If there is no room in it, the litter raised from the surfaces of the brushes falls back. Seeing this, you should empty the garbage collector. There are a variety of ways to clean the electric van. Usually, you need to pull in the back or side of the workbox for a special protruding handle. As a result, a garbage collector is extracted, which looks like an ordinary scoop. It has small dimensions and is easily emptied over the bin. In better devices, everything is made even easier. It is enough to install an electric van box over the bucket and press a special button to clean the container from the accumulated litter.

The benefits of electrics

The possibilities of the electric van are limited, so it cannot be used as the main cleaning equipment in the house. This device acts as auxiliary equipment for the vacuum cleaner. Its advantage is:

  • Compact storage that allows you to keep it handy.
  • Access to sofas and beds thanks to a 180-degree handle.
  • Fast preparation for work.
  • Low noise.

Often in a recently cleaned room, you can see a few moles, for which there is no desire to get a vacuum cleaner. In this case, the electric broom will help to remove. He’ll pick up the trash in seconds. An important advantage in favour of this device is its small dimensions. Electrical brooms can be stored in the gaps between the cupboard and the wall. They are also well placed under low sofas and beds. Often manufacturers offer special wall mounts, so they can be fixed without taking up space in the pantries.

What an electric broom is capable of and what it won’t do

The possibilities of electric novelty are very limited, but there are also tasks with which he will cope very well. Thanks to the brush rotating on the shaft, he perfectly combs carpets, choosing from them animal hair. To use for this purpose it is the electric broom is more convenient than a vacuum cleaner with a similar-in-action nozzle, because it works quieter. In addition, the electric van often has a special brush, which is designed specifically for the fur of animals. It has the property to sort out for quick cleaning. This allows you to abandon the long routine of cutting out the wrapped lumps with scissors. The brush pile is simply removed from the shaft, which rotates, which allows you to remove all wools very quickly.

The next important task with which the electric broom copes better than the vacuum cleaner is to collect large items. The fact is that its design has no delicate details. For example, if a vacuum cleaner sucks a large object, it passes through the engine turbine and can damage it. There is loud gnashing, and its blades break. In this regard, if you need to collect awake cereals, pasta, granular filler cat toilet or even coins, it is better to do it with an electric broom.

When using many structures of the electric van, you can immediately notice that it can not effectively pick up debris in proximity to walls, skirting boards and other obstacles. This is a constructive feature of the device. The fact that the brush, which picks up the garbage, is often located in the centre of the case, not reaching the edge of about 1-2 cm on each side. Thus, it turns out a narrow blind zone, which does not allow you to pick up 100% litter.

The most important drawback of the electric van is its complete inability to pick up dust. Having scattered flour or starch in the kitchen, use such a cleaning device is not worth it. Although this is a disadvantage, no manufacturer has ever claimed that its broom will be able to remove everything. The electric broom is positioned as a device for a selection of large debris particles.

Types of electric last by type of power

Electric brooms can run from the power grid or your own battery. Most often on sale, there are batteries. They’re much more convenient. Charging the battery can be removed for about 30 minutes. That’s enough to get around all the rooms. The absence of a dangling wire going to the socket significantly facilitates the process. Typically, the electric broom has a battery that is inserted into the charger. Such charging as in mobile phones, which has a long wire, is used less often.

Network electric brooms are not so easy to use but still have their advantages. They are always ready to go because they don’t need to re-charge the battery. Although they can only operate in close proximity to the socket, the distance to which differs depending on the length of the cable, but otherwise perform their task perfectly. These devices are more durable and do not require the systematic purchase of new batteries to replace worn-out ones that no longer hold the charge.

Types of electric wreaths by the way brushes are located

Over the past few years, the electric brand has become quite a popular household device among residents of private homes and owners of animals with long hair. In this regard, the number of brands that produce such equipment has increased. The increase in competition has contributed to the modification of the standard design of electric vemens.

Now on the market, you can find the following configurations of the device with:

  • One roller.
  • Four wickets.
  • Three wickets.
  • Disc brushes.

The very first to have a single brush was introduced. To a greater extent, they include a lack of inability to pick up garbage close to the obstacles. Of course, these are not ideal devices, but they have the largest garbage collector. In remote senses, it is much easier to work with such cleaning equipment. Also positive is that usually, the manufacturer considers the possibility of replacing the brushes with the type of coating that is removed. There are nozzles for cleaning smooth and carpet surfaces.

Also, a very successful design is an electric broom with four brushes. They are located on all sides, which allows you to effectively pick up garbage close to the walls. A huge drawback of this design is a small container. If the room is very polluted, it has to be cleaned after just a few meters of cleaning.

Electro-brooms on 3 rollers have a triangular shape. They allow you to clean very close to the barriers. They also have a small garbage collector, which is not always convenient. This option of equipment is suitable if you want to collect quite a bit. Although the structure has a triangular shape, in the corners of the room is not able to collect all the garbage. There remains a blind area, the area of which is equal to a matchbox. This is due to a constructive feature. Some manufacturers have solved this problem by installing a long brush on one side of the triangular case. If you process the corner of the room using it, the cleaning will be carried out more qualitatively.

In the sale, you can see electric brooms with disk brushes. They are more suitable for cleaning smooth floors. On the carpet, this design is less effective, due to the low stiffness of the bristles. With its help, you can on laminate, parquet or linoleum quite qualitatively pick up scattered garbage even getting under the barriers and corners of the room. Usually, such an electric broom has a rather large garbage collector, which is inferior in size only to devices with one brush located on the shaft.

What to look for when choosing

What to look for when choosing

Buying an electric broom should first of all navigate the following criteria:

  • Engine power.
  • Battery life for battery devices.
  • The volume of the garbage collector.
  • Sets of replacement brushes and their location.

As for the power of the engine, the higher it is, the better. Often, you can collect the garbage qualitatively even on weak devices with an engine on 6 W. In the event that you plan to choose battery brooms, it is desirable that the battery life was at least 30 minutes. Sometimes manufacturers offer electric brooms with spare batteries, which allows after the discharge of one AKB immediately use the next.

The volume of the garbage collector is also a very important criterion to pay attention to. It is desirable that it has a capacity of at least 1 litre.

If you choose an electric broom with one roller, it is desirable that the set had interchangeable nozzles for various coatings and tasks. This will ensure maximum quality of cleaning.