How to choose an independent oven?

How to choose an independent oven?

Instead of a stationary stove, a cooking surface is installed complete with an oven. It can be located in any convenient part of the kitchen and not necessarily under the surface itself. Such an oven has its own management, so it is called independent.
All independent ovens on sale are divided into gas and electric ovens. This is the dominant option for the consumer, and we will dwell on it in more detail.

Gas oven

The oven, which works from gas, is preferable in homes where there is weak wiring, it is more economical than electric, but requires the installation of a good hood. Also cooking in such an oven requires some experience, as the temperature adjustment is not as automated as in the electric oven.
As for the functional performance, the gas ovens are almost as electric as they are. In the gas cabinet, the heat is created by a lower gas heating element, an electric or gas grill can be installed on top. Thanks to this, the baked products get a mouth-watering crust. Many models of gas cabinets are equipped with forced ventilation of air inside the oven, which contributes to rapid heating and cooking. The cooking time will be followed by a timer that will notify you about the end of cooking.
Modern gas ovens are equipped with special control systems that ensure high safety of operation. Today, all models of the oven have a gas control, blocking the flow of gas on the burners, if the fire inside the chamber goes out. Electro-jig makes it unnecessary to use matches. To prevent the possibility of accidental burn, manufacturers install double heat-resistant glass in the oven door of many models.

Electric ovens

Cooking in such an oven is carried out by heating elements from below and above, as well as a rotating grill. The versatility of the electric arc provides a convection system: with the help of a fan hot air is distributed inside the oven so that the products are evenly warmed and baked.
Electric ovens provide a wider range of heating. Hence a large number of cooking functions: from defrosting products to baking at 300 degrees. Most models of electric ear-eared cars are equipped with baking and cooking programs for specific dishes and products. This makes it very easy to prepare for beginners.
A pleasant surprise for the hostess will be the function of self-cleaning the oven. Pyrolytic cleaning provides heating of the oven to five hundred degrees. At high temperature, all the settled fat simply burns to the ashes and is easily removed. In catalytic ovens, the inside of the chamber is treated with special enamel, which is able to break down fat and food residues. After cooking, it is enough to wipe the walls with a damp sponge.
Choosing an oven, carefully analyze all the characteristics and capabilities of the device, taking into account its cost and design. If you use the oven daily, or your home has problems with electricity supply, it is advisable to choose a gas oven. Once defined with the model of the oven, read the reviews of buyers and compare prices on the Internet.