How Roaster Works

How Roaster Works

The roster is a miniature electric oven designed for heating and cooking. Modest dimensions significantly limit the possibilities of cooking, so much equipment has not found widespread use. However, rosters are more than preferable to the equipment of small apartments, where there are problems with the placement of dishes and kitchen appliances. If there is no need to prepare large portions, the use of the roster will be more than appropriate.

How the roster works

The device is a metal box with a glass door. One or more electric tenes are installed inside it. When turned on, they heat the air to a temperature of 80-250 degrees. The food is installed on a mesh stand, as well as in an ordinary oven. The sprouts use baking and shapes of a suitable size.

Externally, the sprouts are absolutely identical to the electric ear-ear but much smaller. On sale, you can find a device with a capacity of only 5 litres.

The internal roster chamber can be made of stainless steel, which is a very durable option. You can also find painted cameras in enamel. This coating is quite easy to wash, but in the case of a tan, it should be cleaned with care, so as not to make paint. More expensive devices have a bioceramic surface, which is very well rubbed from the fire.

The virtues of the roster

The main advantage of this device is the ability to install it in hotel rooms and hostels, where the oven is more often used for cooking semi-finished products or heating food. Most growers are not able to accommodate a whole chicken and a large pie, but the wide functionality is not always needed, so and such equipment is quite up to its task.

In addition to size, a rapid set of temperatures is an important advantage of the roster. Of course, in this respect, they are significantly inferior to microwaves, but the roster is many times superior to the ordinary oven. It is often equipped with similar power heating elements as electric arcs, and a small internal volume allows you to reach a high temperature faster. Most dishes can be cooked twice as fast without risking to burn them.


The rosters differ in volume. There are as very small devices with a camera on 5-7 litres, which are suitable only for heating food for one person, and large devices are almost indistinguishable from the ovens. The dimensions of the device directly affect its functionality. It is not possible to install a large number of accessories on small devices. For this reason, different in size, the rosters may differ significantly from each other.

Typically, the functionality of mini-ovens provides for:

  • Thermostat to adjust the temperature to within 80-250 degrees.
  • Timer with the ability to set a warm-up lasting from 15-120 minutes.
  • A switch between the tens.
  • Fan.
  • It’s grilling.

The thermostat is a must because the preparation of different dishes requires its own temperature. Also important is the ability to install a timer, so that the mini-spirit shut down on its own without the need for interference. As for the possibility of switching between the heating elements, this possibility is not available to all growers. You can only set the heating from the bottom or top, thus correcting the process of cooking the dish.

The roster can have special temperature programs that allow you to properly prepare different dishes or perform other tasks. For example, medium and large devices provide a mode of defrosting, in which the heating elements first heat the inner chamber, and then pause, maintaining a small temperature. This allows you to gently melt the ice without starting to cook frozen foods. There may also be special modes for different types of dough.

A higher-priced device is often equipped with a fan. It allows hot air to spread more efficiently inside the chamber. This ensures uniform cooking. This function is especially useful when warming up, which eliminates excessive overheating of the surface of the dish and underheating its inner part.

The largest sprouts provide for the presence of a skewer. This allows you to equate such devices with other devices – electric grills and ovens.

The vast majority of rosters provide mechanical control. The devices are equipped with rotating switches tumblers. Due to this, the cost of such devices is really affordable. It is very rare to have sensor-controlled rosters. Such equipment is not in high demand because the cost equates to a full-fledged oven or microwave oven, which is objectively better.

The growth of the lowest price segment has only basic functions. Many appliances are even devoid of illumination, so in poor lighting in the kitchen, it is difficult to control the degree of readiness of dishes. Such devices are simply included in the socket, and their tumbler is exposed to the desired temperature. Any other features such as a timer, switching between heating elements and ventilation are simply not available.

What the rosters are capable of

The possibilities of rosters are limited by their size, so you can not count buying a small device for the ability to perform all the tasks. The smallest 5 litres of sprouts are equipped with a heating element of only 900 W. Such devices are quite capable of making toasts, hot sandwiches or warm up a plate of food. Often their timer is designed for only 15 minutes.

Larger devices with a capacity of 20 litres are equipped with full tens per 2 kW, which together with the volume of the camera allows you to prepare:

  • Chicken.
  • Pies.
  • Casseroles.
  • Pizza.
  • Buns.
  • Pies, etc.

Large growers are almost full-fledged electric ovens, which just take up a little less space, and at one time allow you to cook a little less.

Is it worth buying

The roster is quite a compact device, which costs considerably less than a microwave or an electric oven. Such an unambiguous device can be bought if necessary to save or if there is not enough space to install large household appliances. If there are no such restrictions, it is better to avoid such equipment. Even the best and most perfect roasters will be worse than a cheap microwave oven with grill function. Having a large family and the desire to cook large chickens whole, bake a large pizza and pies, choose a roster should not.