How Do I Choose a Smart Band?

How Do I Choose a Smart Band?

What should I pay attention to when choosing a gadget such as a smart band? First of all, the materials used in production. A perfect solution is elastic rubber, which on the one hand, is pleasant to the skin (and the device has constant contact with it), and secondly – durable and resistant, for example, to splashes.


How to Choose a Smart Band That Suits You?

How to Choose a Smart Band That Suits You


Since we are already here, water-resistance should also be one of the priorities, at least as long as we practice outdoors, because small rainwater can not be an obstacle. It is also important for those practising outside the walls of buildings that the band’s display remains legible in the sun.


Features and indicators

What features should a smart band have? The so-called absolute minimum is three activity indicators: the number of steps travelled (function: pedometer), the number of meters travelled, the distance covered, and the number of kilocalories burned. A nice addition is the monitoring of sleep time and quality, which means that the gadget watches over our health not only during the day but also at night.



A high-end smart band can also remind you that it’s time to move around and help (through the app) develop the most effective training plan (and set goals). For cardio and other performance exercises, it’s also a good idea to make sure your gadget has a heart rate monitor, allowing users to monitor their heart rate in real-time.


Operating system

Finally, when choosing a fitness band, you also need to consider what operating systems it works with (Android, iOS, Windows) – so that there is no problem with communication between it and our smartphone.


Smartband – what should it be?


The specific range of functions and characteristics of the gadget may vary depending on what sports we play or want to start playing. Some features are more important when going to the pool, others when we go for a job or on a bike.

Smartband for Running

The runner’s smart band doesn’t have to have too many additional features, but it’s important to do the best with these basic sensors – high-end sensors will ensure precise step counting and measuring the distance travelled. If you are running to lose extra kilos, it will also be useful to count the calories burned. In the case of a smart jogging band, it is also important that it is pleasant to the skin, as it more often “bounces” from the wrist, and this should not be a reason for lowering comfort. A valuable addition is the built-in heart rate monitor.


Smartband for swimming and swimming

Waterproof – without a doubt, it is the most important feature to look out for when with your smart band, we will go to the pool. Splash protection is not enough, but it is necessary to submerge the band and work properly underwater fully. The swimmer smart band can also offer a range of additional features, such as monitoring training parameters (swimming style, pace, pool length or several wailing) and its effectiveness (SWOLF).


Smartband for gym and fitness

Their own laws govern fitness and strength sports, but few have such parameters measured with a smart band. Nevertheless, this gadget can be an attractive help during training. A properly selected smart band will allow you to accurately measure the time of exercise and rest, measure your pulse, or monitor calories burned, which is especially important when our goal is to get rid of excess fat from the body.


Smartband for bike

Cyclists should look for a gadget tailored to their needs. Smartaband for cyclist with a high-quality display will allow you to monitor parameters without having to stop and glide off the bike. This device helps you control your driving rhythm, count laps you’ve completed, and measure the distance and time you’ve covered. It also allows you to run a “virtual” race.


Smartband for kids

A fitness band can also be a good gift idea for your child. On the one hand, it indicates the current time; on the other – it can motivate exercise. Combining pleasant with useful is the best that can be offered to the youngest. Some models also have a special feature, which is that when the user does not move for too long, he is encouraged to take a little activity, which is an exciting option.


What else to look for when buying?

Other important features to look out for no matter what we intend to use the smart band for are:

  • display size – it will fit more on a larger one, but the smaller ones will be more pleasant to wear,
  • display type – preferably one that is readable in the sun,
  • weight – which should not exceed 50 grams,
  • working time – of course, the longer, the better, with 7 days being an excellent result
  • sports functions such as a timer, stopwatch, compass, etc.,
  • telephone functions – i.e. notifications from a smartphone,
  • connectivity – Bluetooth will be the best, in the highest possible version,
  • smartphone compatibility – i.e. iOS, Windows and Android.