Heat Pump Dryer or Condenser Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer or Condenser Dryer

In which webshop should I buy my tumble dryer? And what is the best dryer, a condenser or heat pump dryer?

Our editors have more than 25 years of experience in advising and repairing tumble dryers and washing machines. Below we give answers to your questions.


Buy a heat pump, exhaust air or a condenser dryer?

Buy a heat pump, exhaust air or a condenser dryer

In each household is washed, and then it inevitably follows drying. Of course, you can hang your laundry outside on the clothesline in good weather. But unfortunately, it is not always dry outside, and that takes a long time. With a tumble dryer, you are not dependent on the weather, and the drying goes a lot faster. This way you have time for really nice things.

There are currently 4 types of tumble dryers: the regular condenser dryer, the condenser dryer with heat pump, the exhaust dryer and a strange duck in the bite is a washer-dryer combination.

We recommend:

– a heat pump dryer if you are going

to use it more than 2 to 3 times a week – the traditional condenser dryer is another option if you use a tumble dryer once a week

Heat pump dryer Energy efficient

Less wear on clothing

Higher purchase price

Longer drying times

Condenser dryer Fast-drying programs

Low purchase price

Less economical
Air drain dryer Quickly


Higher energy consumption

Drainpipe to the outside

Washing-drying combinations Space-saving

Cheaper than two separate devices

Less choice assortment

Low filling capacity for drying

Heat pump dryer or Condenser dryer

It had been coming for a while, and in 2017, it happened. The heat pump dryer has become the new standard. More than 60% of all tumble dryers sold are one with a heat pump. The purchase price is still higher, but you will certainly earn this back during your lifetime.

Below I have put the total cost of our test winners in a graph. We are done with the most expensive models and from drying twice a week. In practice, you get this tipping point even earlier.

Test winners
Bosch WTE84105NL € 369
winner Siemens WT47Y700NL
Energy consumption estimate: € 58 per year Energy consumption estimate: € 20 per year
100 cotton and 25 synthetic drying 100 cotton and 25 synthetic drying


What is a good brand, a tumble dryer?

To designate a brand of the tumble dryer that buyers are satisfied with, you need to gather many opinions and experiences. Only then will you get a reliable picture.

The Consumers’ Association did this through their test panel. This gives you a good idea about the performance of brands and manufacturers in practice.


Offers from BCC, Coolbue, Mediamarkt or any of the other 12 stores

Online you can buy that tumble dryer with just a few clicks, which has also come out of the test best. At the regular brick shop, you are limited to those models that they currently have in stock.

The webshops have a huge assortment, deliver quickly, and dutch consumer legislation offers a lot of protection to buyers. Due to the competition, the price is often slightly lower, especially during a tumble dryer offer.

There is not one webshop that is always the cheapest.

That is why we check the prices twice every day at all stores. This way you can be sure that you always see the lowest price.

We often get unique discount codes that you only find on Tumble dryer Sale because of our many visitors.


The best webshops to buy a tumble dryer

A dryer is a heavy and decent big purchase. That’s why you want a low price, service and reliable delivery. And the store should be reachable if you have any questions.

As mentioned, all major Dutch webshops comply with consumer legislation.

Still, I see differences when it comes to customer service. In practice, the shops with their own delivery service are more flexible, such as the parcel service’s delivery and installation. Besides, the differences in accessibility are substantial.

In a comparison overview of the best webshops, where you can buy your dryer with peace of mind.


Beware of the predicate ‘Best Tested’ & ‘Best buy tumble dryer.’

The predicate ‘Best tested tumble dryer’ and/or ‘ best buy tumble dryer from the Consumers’ Association works as a magnet for many people.

Nowadays, manufacturers pay the Consumers’ Association to use their logo on their products and advertisements. And that’s not surprising when you know that many people only choose a product because they see the Consumers’ Association’s sticker.

After all, if the Consumers’ Association says it’s good, then it’ll be fine.


Of course, it can be assumed that the ‘best-tested tumble dryers’ by the Consumers’ Association are among the top. That’s not to say that this best-tested tumble dryer is also the best choice for your situation.

Our starting point when you buy a new tumble dryer is always:

  1. the expected use of the dryer
  2. the size of the household
  3. the drum size of the washing machine you already have

If you start with this starting point, you can then look at the technically best-tested dryer.


Our latest tumble dryer reviews

On the right, you will find our latest extensive reviews.

We always assess the tumble dryers ourselves and use many test data from different consumer organizations.

We also check the prices in the various webshops.

As a result, you will always find the best dryers and the sharpest tumble dryer offer with us.