Everything about Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Everything about Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is sought-after household equipment that is used to clean home and commercial premises. It is present in almost every apartment and house. In standard execution, such household appliances are large, so there are problems with its storage. A hand-held vacuum cleaner was invented to solve this problem. It is much more compact and has enough power to provide quality cleaning.


The benefits of use and scope

different types of hand vacuum

A manual vacuum cleaner has a lot of advantages over basic devices. These include:

  • High manoeuvrability.
  • Access to hard-to-reach places.
  • A little weight.
  • Minimum storage space.
  • Low noise.

As for the volume of the hand vacuum cleaner, it is much lower than that of full-size. Thanks to this, such devices are suitable for a home where there are young children. If you vacuum in another room with the door closed, the baby will not wake up. A hand-held vacuum cleaner is a manoeuvrable device that can be reached in hard-to-reach places, which makes it possible to do a really high-quality cleaning. They are very compact, which allows you to store them on a shelf in a closet, as well as under sofas and beds.

Manual vacuum cleaners are often used in workshops that repair household appliances. They are used to clean the repairable appliances from the inside from the accumulated dust. It is much more convenient than using a compressor and inflating dirt on the room. Also, hand vacuum cleaners are suitable for firms that are engaged in refuelling cartridges for laser printers. They can be used to clean the cartridge, as well as collect the wake-up toner.

It is worth noting that the possibilities of a hand vacuum cleaner are quite limited due to its modest dimensions. In this regard, to use it as the main technique for cleaning in a suite apartment or house is not the best choice. Such vacuum cleaners have a small area of the capture of debris from the surface, so it will take longer to vacuum than with full-size equipment.

Compact vacuum cleaners can only be used as basic cleaning equipment in small apartments where work is smaller and there are problems with storing large equipment. For a large house, they are used as an auxiliary technique, which can be quickly removed scattered garbage, without pulling out of the pantry a large vacuum cleaner.

Also, a hand-held vacuum cleaner will be useful if you want to clean the car, especially if it is battery-powered, and does not need access to the socket. There are a lot of household destinations where the use of compact manual models will be much more convenient.


Types of vacuum cleaners by the power source

different types of hand vacuum

According to the power source, hand vacuum cleaners are divided into network and battery packs. Networks are cheaper and connect with a cord to the socket. Therefore, the convenience of their use is limited by the length of the cable. The advantages of such devices, in addition to the price, can be attributed to their small weight, but attachment to the power grid severely limits the possibilities of using such equipment. Battery devices are more expensive. They’re a little heavier. Inside their case, there is a battery, which must be recharged in advance. The vacuum cleaner can then be used anywhere until its charge is over.


Types of vacuum cleaners for:

  • Dry cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Car.
  • Street.
  • Pools.
  • Sofa vacuum cleaners-gloves.


Hand-made vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning

A dry cleaning vacuum cleaner is a classic device that is designed to collect dust, fine debris, hair, animal hair, and other particulate matter. They are used to clean the floor, ceilings, walls, soft furniture, curtains and so on. Since such devices are widely used in everyday life, they are made by dozens of well-known brands. There is a huge selection of manual models of different power and dimensions.

Vacuum cleaners used for dry cleaning can only be used to collect dried dirt. Wet mats are ruinous for them. If water or foam gets into the vacuum cleaner’s case, the device will burn out.


Wet cleaning vacuum cleaners

Compact vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning as it is clear from the name is not afraid to get wet. It is used to wash floors, windows and other surfaces. Such units are much more expensive, but the quality of cleaning they are higher. It should be taken into account that such vacuum cleaners can be used to clean not all surfaces. In the event that you need to collect dirt on the lint mats that do not want to wet, such is not the best option. They are usually used when it is necessary to carry out general cleaning. With the help of this technique, you can wash linoleum, tiles and even carpet. If there are people in the house prone to allergies, a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning will clean all surfaces of allergens.

There are quite a few versatile vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning, which can also work in dry cleaning mode. If you choose them, you can opt-out of buying two devices if you need them.


Car vacuum cleaners

The car-carrying vacuum cleaner is very compact in size, as it is designed to clean only the interior and trunk of the car. Such devices can be both rechargeable and networked. Often they are equipped with a 12 volt engine, so they can connect to the car’s battery. They are included through a lighter or using terminals that cling to the battery under the hood of the machine.


Handmade street vacuum cleaner

A street or garden hand-vacuumer, unlike previous types, works with a significant level of noise. It can be powered by a network or battery. There are also garden units equipped with a gasoline engine. Such devices are quite heavy, so they are fixed on the neck with a belt. They are used to clean paving tiles and garden paths. Such vacuum cleaners work in two modes – to suck and blow. Turning the blowing can dispel the fallen leaves, thus clearing the track. In the suction mode will rise air along with debris and leaves, as a result of dirt will gather in a mesh bag.


Hand-made vacuum cleaner for the pool

It is one of the most exotic varieties of this equipment. Despite its name, it deals not with dust, but with wet mud. They are equipped with a long rod with a handle at the end which allows them to be lowered to the bottom of the pool. This technique filters the water, lifting the settled dirt, which is collected in a special bag.


Vacuum glove

The most exotic type of vacuum cleaner is a glove with the function of sucking dust. It is equipped with a small engine, which creates weak thrust. This glove is cleaned in hard-to-reach places. Basically, this technique is used to clean sofas in the hollows, where crumbs of cookies are often collected. The hand in the glove is inserted into the folds of furniture, and the air traction sucks the garbage. These devices are networked, so they need access to an outlet. They are quite weak but quite suitable for cleaning soft furniture from dust as well as animal wool.


Types of the garbage collector

An important part of a hand vacuum cleaner is a garbage collector. It gets all the dirt and dust that is sucked into the device. Dust collectors come in the form of:

  • Plastic containers.
  • Bags.
  • Aqua filters.

A hand-held vacuum cleaner with a plastic container is quite common. Such equipment works on the principle of a cyclone when the sucked air flows are twisted and heavy particles of dirt settle on the bottom in a special container. The air released from them comes out of the hull. It is worth noting that this method of collecting garbage is not the best, as small particles of dust often come out of the container with airflow. As a result, the dirt collected on the floor is partially sprayed in the air. This disadvantage is not typical for all models of vacuum cleaners with a cyclone, but for cheap it is not uncommon.

The garbage collector in the form of a cloth bag is already a quite outdated technical solution. Unlike a cyclone, the bag collects dust much better. But it quickly clogs and then begins to release dust that passes between its fibres. In this regard, you need to periodically buy a new bag, so that after cleaning the air does not become dirty. If you do it regularly, the vacuum cleaner will work as it should. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the range of hand vacuum cleaners is often updated, just after a few years, it can be difficult to find a suitable bag in the sale. As a result, you have to buy a universal dust collector, which is not quite suitable. The big drawback of garbage collectors in the form of a bag is the difficulty of cleaning it. It is necessary not only to shake out the dirt but also to shake the bag well, knocking out the dust as well as from the mat.

The best option of the garbage collector is an aqua filter. It is almost the same container as a cyclone, but it has water. The airflow passes through the water, which collects dust and dirt. This allows the output to be completely clean air.