Buying Guide For Dark Circles Cream

Buying Guide For Dark Circles Cream

To properly address a problem and find the right solution, we must understand it and know how the products are designed to solve it. With dark circles, the same thing happens a little bit. Do you know exactly why they show up? Do you know how an anti-dark cream works? We will try to resolve your questions below.


Why do dark circles show up?

Dark circles are darkened areas under your eyes that can make you look more tired or older. So far, nothing you don’t know. Different factors can cause dark circles to appear and are usually divided into inheritance and lifestyle – lack of sleep, excessive friction of the area or damage caused by sun exposure.

Now, how do they appear? “The first thing is to understand the anatomy of the eye.”

As dermatologist Melissa K. Levin of Mount Sinai Hospital points out. “The skin in the area around the eyes is sensitive and delicate and sits on the hollow structure occupied by eyeballs, which in turn are surrounded by bone, blood vessels, fat pads and muscles.”

The mechanic of dark circles’ appearance is that when the body is fatigued, it increases cortisol production. This hormone breaks down collagen and causes blood vessels to swell or become constriction. What does this imply? That the blood will be “trapped” under the eyes. Add the thickness of the dark circle’s skin, and we have all the ingredients.


Why do I need to use an eye contour cream?

Many people wonder if an anti-darkness is really necessary or if any moisturizer or refreshing cream is enough. Well, the truth is that a moisturizer doesn’t have to hurt you in the dark circle area unless your skin is susceptible, but there are certain cases where it’s preferable to use a cream designed for the contour. One of these cases is precisely the treatment of dark circles and bags. On the one hand, these types of products are formulated to attenuate the dark colour of dark circles and to reduce the swelling of the bags; on the other hand, contour creams are less fat than facial ones, so they do not cause itching in the eyes and do not favour the appearance of milium.


Do anti-darker work, or is it a fairy tale?

The debate over whether anti-darkness creams are necessary is cyclical. Few people question the effectiveness of a facial moisturiser but an eye contour. The same cream should not be used on the eyes as on the rest of the face, just as the moisturizer used in the rest of the body is not used on the face. Okay, but do they work or not? Let’s face it: miracles to Lourdes, but the anti-markers help fight dark circles and bags. There are two types of products. On the one hand, we have those that produce a flash effect that lasts about ten hours; on the other hand, we have the treatments that should be used daily to see results. As is almost always the case, the trick is on record.

However, not all types of dark circles respond well to treatment. For example, bluish dark circles, caused by tiredness or stress, are easily revitalized with an outline; age-related brown, dark circles would need retinol or organic silicon, and purple dark circles, which are usually hereditary, would also require retinol or depigmenting.


What are the pros and cons of using an anti-darker?

Anti-darkness creams are suitable for anyone, regardless of age. Of course, like any product, they have pros and cons, which we will evaluate below. You should be aware of that, but it’s also important to know that if you buy an earmuff that’s right for you, the disadvantages will be minimized.


  • Revitalize the contour of the eyes
  • Improve the circulation of the area
  • They give you a more rested look.
  • They provide hydration for the whole day.
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce bag swelling


  • In cases of susceptible skin, they can irritate.
  • May favour the onset of milium.
  • They require consistency to be effective in the long term.


How to apply the anti-darkness contour?

Although its mechanism can be quite simple, we are sorry to tell you that the dark circles can be applied correctly or incorrectly. To get started, you’ll need a minimal amount – it depends on the manufacturer, but it can range from the size of a grain of rice or pea. Don’t over it, as it might irritate the delicate skin around your eyes. You should apply the cream to taps with the annular fingertip because it has the least strength. You must use the outline as the first step of every routine, both morning and evening. Please start at the outside of the eye and go forward, with a careful massage, towards the torn area, without touching it. Also, avoid eyelids.


When should an anti-darkness cream be applied?

Naturally, it would help if you read the package leaflet for your contour before you start using it and comply with its manufacturer’s instructions. However, most dark circles are used in a very similar way. For starters, they are indicated for the treatment of dark circles and bags caused by an “unre repairable” rest, stress or inherited causes. Depending on the brand, they should be used before bedtime, in the morning or twice a day, once in the morning and one in the evening. The dark circles should always be applied after washing the face but before using other products. Of course, if you’re going to apply it before you do your makeup, you’ll need to put it on first and wait until it’s completely absorbed.


How can dark circles and bags be avoided?

  • In addition to using a good earmuff, there are several extra recommendations you can consider to improve the look of your dark circles and bags. You know, there are no miracle remedies. Still, a combination of good practices can help you, regardless of age or the reason behind your dark circles— whether it’s tiredness or inheritance. Use sunscreen, which may be the same as the one you use on the rest of your face. The protection factor must always be greater than thirty.
  • Rest as much as you can, we know that it’s complicated, but your sleep hours should be a priority for you. The minimum is six hours; the ideal is eight.
  • Don’t smoke, as tobacco destroys collagen and kills your skin’s elasticity.
  • Get some fresh air, run away from pollution whenever you can. Like tobacco, ambient smoke is harmful to the skin on your face.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, even if you’re tired, as it can cause hyperpigmentation of dark circles and aggravate bags. When you’re unarmed, do it gently.
  • Nourish your skin from within, eat a balanced diet rich in healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado or nuts, fruits and vegetables. It’s important to drink the water you need.


Can diet eye swelling?

Bags are another of the main targets of anti-darkness creams, but we have good news for you, and they have a solution! Numerous medical studies have shown that diets with high sodium chloride content contribute to fluid retention, which is intimately linked to swelling under the eyes. You should banish processed foods such as pre-cooked food, cold cuts or salted pickles from your diet – and it’s important to opt for fresh options, such as fruits or vegetables. Minimize the salt you add to your dishes and replace them with fresh herbs or dried spices. Sauces, such as ketchup, can also be high in salt.


Buying Guide For Dark Circles Cream

Buying Guide For Dark Circles Cream

As we have already indicated, to get your purchase of an anti-darker right, you must choose one that is right for you. This is the same as saying that, to be effective, your contour must fit your needs. To get you nailed, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

What state is your skin in?

To get started, you need to assess the state of your skin. As you know, there are different skin types, and not all have the same needs. Drier skin will require a more moisturizing and unctuous dark circle, while oily skin, or prone to producing milium, will need a non-comedogenic and lighter textured product.

Age also has a lot of influence. Although dark circles do not rely so much on this factor, the surrounding area’s state does. Younger people will have a soft contour that attenuates colour without providing too much moisture. On the other hand, more mature people will need extra nutrition and probably acids that act on crow’s feet.


What kind are your dark circles

Another inescapable factor when buying an anti-darker is your type of dark circle. Unfortunately, not all types respond just as well to topical anti-dark creams. These contours are designed and work well to treat dark circles caused by poor quality rest, stress or circulatory problems.

On the other hand, when they are hereditary – which are usually purple – or have to do with the age of a more brown tone – it would be better to resort to other types of cosmetic treatments or anti-markers that have components such as retinol, vitamin C or vitamin K in their formulas. There are also acids, such as logic, that block melanin production.


Beware of composition

The formula is fundamentally what differentiates an effective anti-dark cream from another that is not. We’ve already talked about your skin condition and your type of dark circles, so now we have to focus on the components that will help us eliminate them or at least improve their appearance. Among the most frequent and effective, we find the following:

  • Vitamin C: For the renowned dermatologist Shea Amiruddin of the Heyday brand, “Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients that we can look for in an outline (…) since it strengthens collagen”. Also, it reduces pigmentation and illuminates dark circles while attenuating expression lines.
  • Vitamin K: “Vitamin K stimulates tissue renewal and is a powerful antioxidant”, in the words of Amiruddin. Not only that, but it minimizes the presence of dark circles.
  • Retinol: Retinol and its derivative, pro-retinol, automatically soften, illuminate and deflate the surrounding area of the eyes. Also, they visibly improve skin tone.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine does not brighten the look, but reduces swelling around the eyes, which gives them a more rested appearance. However, according to Amiruddin, “the microcirculation of the blood increases, which may make dark circles less visible”.
  • Ceramides: This component functions as a barrier that retains skin hydration while protecting it from external agents, such as dust or pollution.


Not everyone has the same texture.

Anti-darkness creams can have different textures, so keep in mind if you have preferences for one type or another. For example, we can find gel contours, lighter, denser or even very unctuous. Opting for one type or another will depend on your personal tastes and preferences and your skin type and needs.

Anti-markers designed for morning use often contain components – such as menthol – that provide a cold sensation in the area when applied to deflate bags under the eyes and wake the look. There are people for whom this is a delightful feeling, but others can’t stand it.


Size matters

This type of product usually occurs in small canisters of only a few millilitres of capacity. On the one hand, their presentation has to do with the fact that they are quite expensive, but you also have to consider that to apply them correctly, it is sufficient to use a minimum amount of product in a tiny area of the face.

He thinks that if the boats were larger, we would run the anti-darker’s risk of expiring or degrading before it could be finished. In any case, when you’re buying one, could you pay attention to the amount it contains? There are cheap products that, precisely because they are presented in tiny bottles, end up going expensive.



Even if it’s hard to believe, many people today believe that using eye contouring products is a useless way to throw money away. Just as it is unthinkable to put body cream on the face, the eyes’ contour also requires special products, especially when we want to treat dark circles and bags.

Virtually no one gets rid of these “problems”, but the good news is that anti-darkening creams work. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can opt for one with flash effect or another that constantly acts, reducing dark circles and bags. If you also improve your habits, the results can be impressive.

What do you do to fight the signs of tiredness? We encourage you to tell us in the comments and share it on your social networks if you have enjoyed this article.