Bishop B. S. Devamani called to higher services

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bachu Satyanandam Devamani, former bishop of Dornakal Diocese of the Church South India and the former Chairperson of Commission on Dalits of NCCI has been called for Higher Services.

Educated in India, USA and UK, he was a well-equipped minister. He had varied and rich experiences from serving as a minister in Jerusalem and the USA before moving to India. An accomplished academician, a faithful Pastor and enthusiastic ecumenical leader, he served as Pastor in Karimnagar diocese of the Church of South India before taking up responsibility as Bishop of the Dornakkal diocese. He was a popular and much respected Bishop to whom many ministers and ministries owe their formation and growth.

He was a great source of inspiration and blessing to the National Council of Churches in India. He was the Chairperson of the Programme Commission on Dalits in the last quadrennial, and member of the executive committee. He was also a member of the editorial board. He was passionate in his vision and commitment towards Dalit liberation issues and extended his support to NCCI initiatives for just and inclusive community consciousness.

Despite his many admirable accomplishments and contributions to the Church and Society, he continued to be simple, humble, caring and a loving man spending himself fully in the pursuit of God.

From the NCCI, we’d like to extend our condolences to his family – Ms. Angela, Dr. Carol, Ms. Kiran and Mr. Sarah, and pray that God would comfort and strengthen them with His Peace and Loving Presence.

We thank God for Bishop Devamani’s life that has been such a blessing to the Church, the Society and especially for the NCCI. We will continue to draw inspiration from his life and ministry, and carry on his vision for the growth of the Church.

(Information provided by courtesy of Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, Exec. Secy. Commission on Dalits, NCCI)

– NCCI Communications & Relations

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