5 tips to help you achieve your training goals safely!

5 tips to help you achieve your training goals safely!

More and more people in Switzerland are training regularly. Unfortunately, many trainees do not reach their training goal or only partially achieve it. With the following tips, you can easily achieve your training goals.


5 tips for achieving your training goals.

Tip 1: Define clear training goals

To achieve a training goal, the goal must be precisely defined. Often the training goal is not clear, so it becomes difficult to plan the appropriate training interventions.


Tip 2: Go to a gym

A lot of people train at home in front of the TV. In front of the TV, you are not looked after by any coach. In a good gym, you have a competent fitness coach who can accompany you with your workout. He can assist you with advice and deeds. Advise you on training questions, motivate yourself and check yourself during the exercise tour and correct you if necessary.


Tip 3: Train with a training plan

The important thing for your progress is that you regularly increase your training intensity. This can be better monitored with a training plan. It is difficult to keep the stress duration of the exercises and the training weights in mind. It can also make sense to photograph your body and thus capture the IS state of your change. The photo should be taken on the same day of the week and around the same time.


Tip 4: Leave your ego at home

It is still believed that heavyweight leads to more success and progress. However, the power that can ultimately act on the target muscle (combined with the time span in which it acts) is crucial for generating a stimulus. And it is precisely this force that is getting smaller and smaller due to unclean execution and too fast movement of the weights. Even if others move more training weight, leave your ego at home and choose a weight that you can move very slowly and controllable over the entire range of motion for at least 60 seconds and a maximum of 180 seconds.


Tip 5: Always remember your goals

Remember your destination every day. Hang your target as a picture or as a saying in your room. Get closer to your goal step by step. Share your goals on social media channels with friends or family. Very important:┬ádon’t give up!