10 Myths About Dishwashers

10 Myths About Dishwashers

10 Myths About Dishwashers

Unnecessary, expensive, impractical – did you also think that dishwashers are really like that? Do you prefer to wash dishes with your hands, so as not to waste time and money? You’re making a big mistake. It is with the dishwasher that you save these resources much better. Check it out for yourself!

“After all, wash the dishes – just a few minutes” – do you regularly repeat this sentence when rinsing dirty mugs after breakfast and a plate after dinner? Now count: you will be engaged in this not very pleasant occupation for an hour a day, it will last 365 hours a year.

Divide them into twenty-four, and you’ll find that in twelve months you spend fifteen whole days at the sink! During this time, you can relax on vacation.

Do you still believe it’s not true that washing dishes with your hands is much faster than just loading the dishes into the dishwasher and then taking it out clean? And there are even more similar myths about this technique.

1. Hand-washing dishes are better.

Just watch out for how many seconds you keep the plate underwater when washing your hands and how many in the dishwasher. There is also a big difference in temperature: when hand-washing you use water heated to about forty degrees, higher will not work, in the dishwasher usually ten to thirty degrees more.


2. Before you put the dishes in the car, you need to rinse it underwater

Many still do so – before putting the plate in the dishwasher, first, rinse it under running cold water. “With a good dishwasher, there is no need to rinse dishes in cold water first, the device can handle it on its own, and you will get perfectly clean dishes,” experts say. All you have to do is throw the rest of the food out of the dishes.


3. Using a dishwasher is not environmentally friendly and expensive.

In fact, just the opposite.


4. The dishwasher blunts the knives.

So it is said, but no evidence of this.


5. You can’t wash the glass in the dishwasher.

Again, this is a false fact. dishwashers are equipped with special programs for washing glass, which are more careful about the glass, which prevents its corrosion, scratches and other damage.

Automatic programs allow you to wash almost any dishes sparingly and carefully.


6. The dishes need to be put into the dishwasher very carefully, which, in the end, can take longer than if you washed it by hand.

Of course, you should put things inside on certain recommendations – that is, glass and smaller porcelain in the top basket, stronger plates, bowls or pans in the bottom basket.


7. If the dishwasher is not fully filled, washing is expensive.

Maybe it was many years ago.


8. The dishwasher requires a lot of care.

About once a month you need to clean the dishwasher with a cleanser and do not forget to add special salt with hard water – this is all care.


9. I have a small kitchen, so the dishwasher 

will not fit into the interior.

There are both stand-alone and embedded models.


10. You can’t wash expensive dishes and baby bottles.

In any modern model, there are special modes and programs that allow you to wash any dishes.

Have you been convinced by these ten points that the dishwasher is really an assistant?

If not, ask those who have it at home!