India Evangelical Lutheran Church,

Central Business Office,

321 K.P. Road, Nagercoil 629 001,

K.K. District, Tamil Nadu India

Phone: 04652 279483



India Evangelical Lutheran Church often referred to as IELC is a confessional Lutheran denomination.  It is spread over Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Southern Karnataka, parts of Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai.  It has Mission bases  at New Delhi, Amritsar and Orissa.



Rev. Dr. J. Samuel, President

Rev. Crispin Paras, Vice-President

Mr. K. Baul Sundar, General Treasurer

Rev. Jacob M.B. Sudhakaran, Comptroller

Rev. P.N. Gopinatahan, Secretary

Rev. G. Babu, Secretary – Treasurer, IELC Trust Association



Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) was supporting the Leipzig Lutheran Mission (LLM) during 19th century.  K.G.T. Naether and T.F. Mohn who were working in the South East part of Tamil Nadu broke away from LLM due to doctrinal difference with the Leipzig Church in Germany.  These two missionaries then applied to LCMS to support their work in India directly.  LCMS agreed to their request and the two missionaries moved to Krishnagiri and Ambur of Northern Tamil Nadu to start a new Mission enterprise in 1895.  The work was carried out under the banner of Missouri Evangelical Lutheran India Mission (MELIM).  This marked the beginning of establishment of a number of churches in that part of India.  However, the work of Naether lasted only for about four years.  He sowed the seed of the Gospel and died of Plague along with his two daughters.  His wife then returned home.  Mohn continued his work for a few more years.  Then, several batches of LCMS missionaries arrived one after the other phase by phase.  At one stage, the Ambur-Krishnagiri area grew up with an increased number of churches, schools and a health care clinic.  There was a Macedonian call from the South Trivancore of present Kanyakumari District to establish MELIM station.  LCMS sent a few missionaries to work in South Travancore area that included the present Kerala.  Churches, schools and a seminary were established during the next two decades.  The first general assembly called ‘Prathanithikal Sangam’ of native Pastors and Lay representatives from congregations was held in Trivandrum.  The Missionaries too participated in this assembly.  This was the forerunner of all the three Synod conventions and IELC Convention of today.


The congregations in and around Ambur and Krishnagiri were organized into Ambur Synod in 1949.  The Tamil congregations around Nagercoil were organized into Nagercoil Synod and Malayalam congregations in Kerala into Trivandrum Synod in 1956.  All these three Synods were formed together as India Evangelical Lutheran Church during its General Assembly held on 8 and 9 of January 1958.  IELC celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2008 remembering her forefathers and Missionaries with thanksgiving to God.  The theme of the Golden Jubilee was, “Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s Word to you.  Think about how their lives turned out, and imitate their faith” (Heb. 13:7).



The vision of IELC is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through the Congregations and the Social Service units among different ethnic groups of India by word and deed.



Congregations are primary units of IELC.  The members of each congregation are involved in gathering, fellowshipping and worshipping the Triune God.  Pastors are assigned to conduct worship services and do spiritual and social ministry in the congregations and among others around the location.  Human care is integral part of the Mission of IELC.



Diaconal Service of IELC as one of the ministries of the Church done by the laity (work of service – diakonia Rom. 12:7; Eph.4:12) assists the Pastors in spiritual and social concerns of individuals, families and society in general.


Educational Service of IELC aims to provide quality education to all children irrespective of caste, creed, color and social status and trains Pastors, deacons and deaconesses.


Medical Service of IELC aims to offer health care of all sections of the society and training in Healing Ministry.


Literature Service of IELC does printing and publishing of educational materials, Christian Nurture books, worship manuals, periodicals and other literature related to Christian faith and practice.


Special Service of IELC is committed to cater to the needs of children and women in crisis and victims of disasters.


Evangelism Service of IELC in involved in social transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ leading to nation building and extension of God’s Kingdom.



Membership  114,600

Congregations 764

Preaching Stations 635

Concordia Seminary full time faculty 8

Concordia Teachers Training Institute faculty 5

Active Pastors 210

Pastoral Probationers 32

Deaconesses and Bible Women 18

Evangelists (un-ordained and lay fulltime) 46

Volunteer Evangelists 350

Elementary and middle schools 61

High Schools 12

CBSE English medium School 1

Schools for the Handicapped 8

Child Development Centers 4

Hospitals 3

School of Nursing 1

Girls Boarding Homes 2

Boys Boarding Homes 3

Printing Press and Training Institute 1






Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – LCMS the founder of IELC through its Missouri Evangelical India Mission (MELIM) is the major partner of IELC offering grants for chapel construction, medical equipments, education resources, infrastructure development and training programs.


Wheat Ridge Foundation assists in helping the poor to develop their livelihood through ‘Cow for Widows’ project.


Lutheran Partners in Global Ministries helps poor children to get education through Boarding Homes.


Compassion International provides food, clothing, shelter and educational needs of the socially disadvantaged, physically challenged, hearing impaired, visually disabled and mentally challenged; IELC is catering to about 1,500 such children.


HCDI partnering with IELC in education of sex workers’ children and rehabilitation of sex workers in Mumbai.


KNH provides food, clothing and educational needs to polio affected children; IELC is catering to 126 such children.


Christopher Blinden Mission supports IELC School for the Blind.


IELC as a member of United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India, a consortium of all Lutheran denominations in India taps resources for training and social empowerment programs from Lutheran World Federation.


Satya Sachi:

Satya Sachi is an official monthly periodical of IELC.  It publishes news from congregations, articles on social and spiritual issues in Tamil, Malayalam and English.

(As updated in NCC Review March 2013)


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India Evangelical Lutheran Church

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