Lenten Lantern 2012

Dear Ecumenical Friends,

Greetings from the Commission on Dalits in the National council of Churches in India!

It is indeed a great pleasure to announce the release of the book 'Lenten Lantern 2012', which is a collection of sermons for the Passion Week from the Dalit Perspectives.

I am herewith forwarding a soft copy of the book. You are humbly requested to share this with the priests and lay leaders of your church to be used during the Passion Week.

Expecting your prayerful support

with Easter greetings!
Rev. Sunil Raj Philip,
Executive Secretary,
Commission on Dalits,
National Council of Churches in India,
Christian Council Campus,
Post Bag No.205, Civil Lines, 
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India,


Sunil Raj Philip
Commission on Dalits