International Women's Day 2014

International Women's Day 2014

In a series of reflection while going through course of responsibility as assisting with well-known intellectuals, thinkers, leaders, activist and especially a periodical called "Stree"; I came across a book titled "The National Situation - A Biblical Response from women" overviewed certain responses, suddenly reminded me a couple of lines:

We live without living
We die without dying
And yet...
We dare to dream,
We dare to believe,
We dare to hope
In a new day tommorrow
For we know -
That we are power.

The consciousness of people, that in them lies power, grows and spreads throughout India.  A new mood is emerging.  Everywhere in India, peasants, workers, tribals, dalits (oppressed castes), intellectuals, civil rights activists and woman are getting organised so as to be able to write their own history.  The forces of change that spread are increasingly trying to challenge and reverse the dynamics of domination by challenging and transforming the way in which the world is ordered.  The human spirits is breaking out of structures that have bound men and women for centuries and the search for a new India has begun.  As people grow in consciousness that they are power, the hope for a new day, tomorrow can become real whereas effects on woman and status of woman depicts women in various classification of industries and/or sectors indicates in conjunction to advancement of systemic development and in context to framework of judiciary, beauracracy and legislature seemingly falls short of coordination and channelisation.  Appending more hazards women faces occupational hardships at their workplace and extent of emotional as well as anatomical imbalance amongst family members and society which ultimately leads to harmonal imbalance bounds us all to rethink and revive values and ethics been inculcated by our forefathers in present modern lifestyle and way of life currently as we do not live in past, we live in present.

To maintain limitations, unzipping perception of my biblical limited knowledge can only permit me to refer verses from Exodus 14-15, describing it as a saving, liberating intervention of YHWH and Exo.15:15:21b "God shall judge between the nations and he shall decide for many people, and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning-hooks, nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more... let us walk in the light of the Lord' (Isaiah 2:4,5).

We see the movements for change among people, the challenge to, all that oppresses, as an expression of God's active participation in history.


Manoj Soni