NCCI Library Inaugurated

 NCCI Library Inaugurated

 The NCCI envisions the “Mathai Zachariah People’s Library” (“मथाय जकर्या जनता लायब्ररी” in Hindi) to be a state of the art library and reading room complete with modern research facilities for the people. This will be part of the EDUCATION FOR EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. A conference hall in this structure would enable meetings, discussions and seminars to facilitate study and scholarship, all of which would engage the masses with ecumenism-rich material and meet their need to explore and further develop the multi-faceted world of ecumenical enterprise. The structure will also have residential facility, and house offices for NCCI programs related to people groups

We are confident that our combined strength and resources will enable the raising of this structure for the greater glory of God. It is also our responsibility to continue the work of sowing so that future generations may enjoy a legacy of ecumenical unity, scholarship, openness and inclusion. We can look ahead to not merely a physical structure, but the building up of lives, communities and  movements to bless those ahead of us as we have been blessed by those before us.

While we continue to move forward in our efforts towards a dedicated building that will house the library, it is started and open for use in the NCCI Nagpur office building. Rev. Yohan Hasselgren, Asia Secretary, Church of Sweden, inaugurated the library on February 21, 2014 at which time he commended the work that has started and wished well for its growth as envisioned. We are grateful to Mr. A. C. David and Mr. C. H. Patil, librarians from Hislop College, Nagpur whose experience, professional insights, guidance and help proved to be invaluable. They were assisted by Mr. Kailash Patil and Mr. Prashant Dhanvijay who worked hard in setting it up. From the NCCI, Rev. Sweety Helen and Rev. Caesar David coordinated the work.

Here is a brief summary of the arrangement of books in the library:

  1. Classified order of books and corresponding entry in Accession register
  2. Magazines, Periodicals and Newspapers
  3. NCC review volumes bound year-wise
  4. ‘Heritage Corner’ containing Dr. Mathai Zachariah’s personal collection of books (donated to our library by his daughters Dr. Geeta Chacko and Dr. Usha Dayal), and important documents and rare reference books.

- Rev. Ch. Sweety Helen, Executive Secretary, COY
- Rev. Caesar J. David, Executive Secretary, COCR