Andhra Christian Theological College celebrates Golden Jubilee

ACTC acknowledges NCCI’s role in her formation

The Andhra Christian Theological College who celebrated her 50th year acknowledges NCCI’s role in her formative years.   Discussions began in 1957 but since the denominational differences were very high and the congregational denominations like the American Baptist and Canadian Baptist and the Episcopal Churches like the Church of South India and the Lutheran were yet to come together, C.W. Ransom Chairman of NCCI in 1950s, suggested in his report titled “The Christian Minister in India”, to set up one central theological school for each language region. He also suggested that there should be vernacular linguistic theological colleges for each region. 

There was a lot of hesitation and hindrances among the Telugu leaders to either accept anybody belonging to the other traditional leader to as the chairman of ACTC. Dr. R. M. Clark played an important role as person accepted as commonly accepted leader in the formative period. He could bring the leaders of various leaders from episcopal and congregational traditions to the table to have fruitful discussions to make ACTC in to reality.  He as the chairman of ACTC from 1963 to 1964 made a great effort in the formation of ACTC on 1st July 1964 and handed over to Bishop Solomon of Dornakal Dioceses of CSI as the first Telugu Chairman to ACTC. This is a great contribution from NCCI during her initial formation period of this great model ecumenical theological college in Telugu speaking area.

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