Dalit Liberation Sunday 2012


Dalit Liberation Sunday 2012


Greetings from NCCI – Commission on Dalits.

Dalit Liberation Sunday has become an annual feature in sensitizing the local congregations to be pro-active in addressing the cause of Dalit concerns. This year we will be celebrating the Dalit Liberation Sunday on 9th December 2012, in Churches across the nation. The Theme for this year is “Break the barriers; build the world of equality”. You are humbly requested to download the booklet here and forward this to your priests/local churches to be used on the day.

You may encourage them to translate this in their vernacular languages, if it is needed.

We will be happy if you can send us the feedback and a brief report and photos of the observance in your Church/area.

Looking forward for your solidarity and cooperation.

With warm regards.

For the liberation of all that are oppressed
Sincerely yours,

Sunil Raj Philip
Executive Secretary
NCCI-Commission on Dalits