Resolution on November 29, 2012, Day of International Solidarity for Palestine


Resolution on November 29, 2012, Day of International Solidarity for Palestine

The recent brutal military aggression by Israel on the Palestinian citizens in Gaza is one more instance of a long history of violation of the rights of the Palestinian people. More than a hundred Palestinians, including women and children, were killed in the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, and more than 150 were injured. The people of Gaza have already been subject to an inhuman blockade over many years. They have been deprived of basic necessities -- water, food, electricity, medicine.

Israeli aggression has not been limited to Gaza. Over the decades, Israel has occupied Palestinian territories in violation of international law, international humanitarian law and numerous United Nations resolutions. Israel’s policies have been designed to destroy the Palestinian nation, to de-Palestinise large parts of the occupied territories and impose a permanent state of apartheid on the Palestinian population. After the last elections, Israel in concert with western powers, has imposed a savage regime of sanctions on the Palestinian Authority, severely cutting back health care, education and other public services. In Gaza, unemployment is set to rise to 70%. The West Bank is being divided into fragmented Bantustans, with more than 500 checkpoints. The Wall built by Israel across the West Bank has cut off the Palestinian people from each other, cutting up the Palestinian territory into a number of enclaves, with large Israeli settlements established on lands confiscated from Palestinian people.

Israel continues to entrench its subjugation of Palestinians while provoking or initiating armed conflict with its neighbours in the region. Israel’s attempt to justify this illegal use of belligerent and disproportionate military force as “self-defence” does not stand up to scrutiny, as states cannot invoke self-defence for acts that serve to defend an unlawful situation which they have created in the first place.

We, the concerned citizens of India, including women’s organizations and all those committed to democracy and peace, call for a concerted effort to put an end to this violence against the Palestinian people. We demand an immediate end to the occupation of all Palestinian and Arab territories captured by Israel. We fully affirm the right of the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination including their right to establish, on all the territories that Israel has occupied, an independent state of their own in any manner they see fit. The structure of apartheid that Israel has established must be dismantled and it must grant equal rights to all its citizens including the right of return to the Palestinians refugees. We also affirm the right of Palestinians to resist the occupation through all legitimate means and support the Intifada, as well as elect a Palestinian Authority of their choice. We call upon the Palestinian people to form the broadest unity in their struggle for a just Palestine.

As Indian citizens of conscience, we strongly condemn India’s forging closer military, security, trade, educational and cultural ties with Israel. On the occasion of the Day of International Solidarity for Palestine, we express solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle against Israeli occupation and apartheid policies. We

• call for an immediate end to military aggression in Gaza and the facilitating of humanitarian aid to the citizens of Gaza;
• call for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and all other occupied territories;
• denounce the racist and colonial character of Zionism, Israel's State ideology;
• demand an immediate end to the policy of targeted assassinations of Palestinian leaders by Israel;
• call for the Right of Return for all Palestinians, and till this is fulfilled, the granting of full economic, political and social rights to Palestinian refugees in the diaspora and internally displaced Palestinians;
• call for lifting of all sanctions imposed on the Palestinian Authority and the right of Palestinians to democratically elect a Palestinian Authority of their choice;
• call for boycott, disinvestments and sanctions on Israel as long as it continues its occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories;
• demand the dismantlement of the Apartheid Wall and all settlements;
• demand the release of all Palestinian political prisoners;
• affirm the right of Palestinians to resist the occupation through all legitimate means; and
• demand that the Government of India immediately break its military and security ties with Israel

Young Women’s Christian Association of India

All India Democratic Women’s Association

Palestine Solidarity Committee in India

Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (InCACBI)

National Council of Churches in India

Catholic Bishops Conference of India ( JPD)

Catholic Bishops Conference of India ( Office for Women)


Centre for Policy & Analysis

Social Watch India

Vrinda Marwah (CREA)

CISRS (Christian Institute for Study of Religion and Society)