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The Salvation Army





India is the Salvation Army’s oldest mission field. Frederick St. George de Latour Tucker of the Indian Civil Service, read a copy of the War Cry, became a Salvationist and as  Major Tucker (later Commissioner Booth Tucker), took the Indian name of Fakir Singh and commenced the Salvation Army’s work in Bombay on 19th September 1882. The adoption of Indian food, dress, names and customs gave the pioneers ready access to the people, especially in the villages.


In addition to evangelistic work, various social programmes were inaugurated for the relief of distress from famine, flood and epidemic. Educational facilities such as elementary, secondary, higher secondary and industrial schools, cottage industries and settlements were provided for the disadvantaged classes. Medical work originated in Nagercoil in 1895 when Captain (Dr.) Harry Andrews set up a dispensary at the headquarters there. The medical work has grown from this. The Salvation Army is registered as a Guarantee Company under the Indian Companies Act 1913.


Contact as on 31st July 2013

Lieut Colonel Davidson Varghese

National Secretary, Salvation Army

Indian National Secretariat

37, Lenin Sarani, Dharmatala Post,

P. O. Box. 8994, Kolkata-700 013               

Tel: 033-22497210

Fax: 033-22455210,

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