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Hindustani Covenant Church

1.            History: Brief history of its founding, growth and present situation


Mission Covenant Church of Sweden (MCCS) had sent few missionaries to work in East-Turki stan (Sin Kiang).  The missionaries worked there successfully for few years.  But, in 1938 the missionaries were asked by the government authorities and local leaders to leave from East-Turki stan (Sin Kiang).  In 1939 the MCCS decided to start working in India instead.  In 1940 the first missionaries came to Bombay and Poona in the state of Maharashtra. The work was primarily carried out among the Muslim population. The missionaries identified their work as “Swedish Hindustani Mission”.


In 1948 the work was extended to Solapur. Sister Maj Franzen, a health practitioner from Sweden, initiated the health care work in the remote villages of Solapur.  In 1963 the Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) was formed with Pastor B. Thoma as the 1st Indian Moderator.  In 1967 'Solapur Well Service' was established for the drilling of wells and manufacturing of the hand pumps.


In 1968 the church started to work in Karnataka.  In 1981 "St. Luke's Medical Society" was founded for the purpose of coordinating the health care work of the church.  Towards the end of 1990s HCC witnessed a great improvement in its congregational growth as well as in the volume of carrying out development work.   HCC expanded its ministry to Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Andaman Islands, Gujarat, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Andra Pradesh, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar. 


The need of establishing a separate entity to plan, implement and coordinate the social development intervention was realized.  Thus, Covenant Social Service (CSS), the development wing of HCC was established and made fully functional since 2009.  Now CSS is carrying out development work in 13 different locations in India.


2.            Statistics:

a.            Total No. of Members (including children) : 28,506 members

                                Total Number of:  Males 10,872 , Females 7856


b.            Total No. of Communicants (full/baptized and confirmed): 18,728 members

                Total No. of Male Communicant members 10,872

                Female Communicant Members 7856


c.             No. of Dioceses/Presbyteries/Associations/etc. in your Church N.A.

i.              No. of local churches/congregations 111

ii.             No. of  Ordained Ministers 119

iii.            Male Ordained Ministers 111     

iv.           Female Ordained Ministers 8

v.            No. of Missionaries/Evangelists 30

vi.           No. of Institutions of your Church :

•             Schools : 4          

•             Junior Colleges: 1            

•             Hostel: 1

•             Professional Training Institutions: 1

•             Health Centers: 2


3.            Affiliation to different bodies

•             National Council of Churches in India

•             Henry Martin Institution


•             Christian Association for Radio and Audio Visual Services

•             ECLOF INDIA

•             All India Sunday School Association


4.            Year of joining NCCI:      ----

5.            Names of present Office Bearers

a.            Rev. S. C. David (Moderator)

b.            Rev. Y. Kalekar (Vice – Moderator)

c.             Rev. D. Patole (Treasurer)

d.            Mr. P. Kale (Secretary)


6.            Activities/ Mission/ Programme


a.            Evangelism

Spreading God's word is the driving force for the work of HCC. It has been pursuing this mandate since its inception.


b.            Church Development

Pastors are the pivots of church development work. For the development of the church, HCC gives priority for spiritual nurturing of children, youth, women and men. Utmost attention is given the Discipleship of the new believers. The HCC carries out various activities to strengthen Church development efforts.


c.             Peace and Reconciliation

The need for peace and reconciliation initiatives in the church, among the minorities and in the communities is paramount in the current context. The HCC is committed to address this specific need of the society. It facilitates this process through interventions like facilitating inter-religious dialogue and formation of peace committees in its program areas and networking with others for sharing and collective action.


7.            Contribution to the Ecumenical Movement:

Hindustani Covenant Church has actively participated in the ecumenical movement led by NCCI from more than a decade now.  It has channelized emerging insights from various seminars, workshops, training programs etc. to its congregations in different parts of India.  It has always sent its representatives from all the levels of its staff, management and office bearers to actively contribute in the movement.    


8.            Contact Postal Address (including Telephone/Fax/Cell Nos.; E-Mail Ids and Website):

Hindustani Covenant Church,

Church Center,

15, Solapur Road, Pune – 1

Telephone no. +91 20 26360944, +91 20 26361387

Email IDs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Websites: <> & For development work: <>

(As updated in NCC Review March 2013)


Contact as on 31st July 2013

Rev. S.C. David

Moderator, Hindustani Covenant Church 

HCC Church Centre, 15, Solapur Rd.

Pune 411 001, M.S. 

Tel: 020-26360944, 26331720,

Cell: 09822011939

Fax: 020-26361387

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.