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Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars

Canadian Baptist Mission started in Enter Prizes at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh on March 12, 1870.  On the invitation Local Leader TALLERU MARAYYA later named after THOMAS GABRIEL, Rev. JOHAN MCLAURIN.


They started 3-fold Ministry i.e. spiritual, Medical, Educational.


1.            They started the Gospel and established themselves in 8 districts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh.


The Canadian Baptist Mission handed over to the Indian Leadership in the year 1947 - the year of India’s Independence by changing the name as the Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars.  Now CBCNC is spread in Seven districts of Andhra Pradesh, and Ganjam District of Orissa.  CBCNC now has more than 300 main churches and hundreds of village  congregations attached to about 300 Main churches.  CBCNC has more than 1,50,000 congregation in contribution to the Ecumenical Movement. CB Mission also established 2 theological institutions at Kakinada for men and in Tuni for women.


CBCNC is a strong supporter of ecumenical movement in India.  It joined the NCCI to show solidarity to the ecumenical movement, CBCNC takes active Part in the NCCI by sending its representatives.


2.            Activities/Mission/Programs


CBCNC has various social activities apart from religious duties.  The CBM Missionaries as said above,  started work at various places in the seven districts, North Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh.  They established 7 Hospitals 1) Vayyuru 2) Akivid 3) Ramachandrapuram 4) Pithapuram 5) Sompeta 6) Serango (Orissa) 7) Parlakimidi (Orissa). Some of them are speciality for eye care gynecology, leprosy etc.


3.            They also established 218 Schools, Hostels, including High schools, Upper Primary, Primary and a Junior College for women at Kakinada.


Total No of Main Churches (added Village Churches)       300

Total Membership                                                                           1,50,000

Total No of theological institutions                                           2

Total No of Hospitals                                                                      7

Total No of Schools                                                                         218


I wish NCCI all success in programmes comprising the Centenary Celebrations.


M. Rajakara Rao


Contact as on 31st July 2013

Mr.M. Rajakara Rao

General Secretary

Convention of Baptist Churches

of the Northern Circars

Challapalli 521 126, Krishna Dist. A.P.

Tel. : 08671-223289, Cell: 09247157445

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