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Baptist Church of Mizoram

1.            History:


(a) The beginning of The Baptist Church of Mizoram:

Rev. W. F. Savidge and Rev. J. H. Lorrain members of High Gate Baptist Church in London, came to Mizoram under the Arthington Aborigines Mission, better known as Arthington Mission. They arrived in Mizoram on 11th January 1894.  After they had worked for almost four years in Mizoram, Arthington asked them to leave Mizoram and move to Arunachal Pradesh. The two pioneer missionaries came back to Mizoram as missionaries of the Baptist Missionary Society in 1903 and settled down at Serkawn, Lunglei.  When they joined the BMS they made a request that their pioneering work of eleven years be counted as their services which the BMS granted.  So, their four years work in Mizoram as pioneer missionaries can legitimately be counted as the work of the BMS. Therefore, the Baptist Church of Mizoram considers 1894 as the year of the  beginning of the Baptist Church of Mizoram.


(b) Decadal Growth of BCM  1901 – 2012




No. of Family

No. of  Local Churches

No. of Pastorates

Achiefement of Financial Position

(in rupees)










































































2. Statistics

i.              Total No. of Members (including children)  151587  

                Total No. of Males - 75640. Females -75947

ii.             Total No. of Communicants (full/baptized and confirmed) members – 103397  Total No. of Male


Communicant members - 51567   Female Communicant Members - 51830

iii.            No. of Pastorates : 73

iv.           No. of local churches/congregations- 537

v.            No. of Ordained Ministers – 150 ,  Male Ordained Ministers -148. Female Ordained Ministers -2

vi.           No. of Missionaries/Evangelists - 864

vii.          No. of Educational Institutions: Schools - 65. Colleges - 2.  Professional Training Institutions -3


b) Affiliation to different bodies


Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitu Committee(MKHC), North East India Christian Council (NEICC)

National Council of Churches in India (NCCI)

Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) Baptist World Alliance (,BWA)


c) Year of joining NCCI:  2008


d) Names of present Office Bearers:     

1) President                                                       :  Rev. Dr. Raltawnga

2) President Elect                                             :  Rev. F. Sangvela

3) General Secretary                                      :  Rev. H. Lianngaia

4) Associate General Secretary i/c Service  :  Rev. C. Ngurhnema

5) Associate General Secretary i/c Mission :  Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinthanga


3.            The Activities of Baptist Church of Mizoram

i.             Mission Programme: The Missionary movement in Mizoram was led by the Baptist Church of Mizoram. While the church was still in an infant stage they started mission and evangelism programmes within and outside Mizoram. To intensify its mission work, a mission department called Zoram Baptist Mission was formed in 1966 and renamed as Mission Committee to do the task of Home and outreach missions. In obedience to the Great Commission, the Baptist Church of Mizoram is still doing mission work within Mizoram, in different parts of India and even abroad with 870 Mission workers. Now, BCM Mission covers 22 mission fields in various part of the world. There are 9 foreign mission fields – Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, Ghana, Nairobi and Indonesia. There are eleven Mission Fields in Indian states such as Assam-Bengal Field, Arunachal East Field, Arunachal West Field, Arunachal Far-East Field, Tripura, MP & MS (Kurku) Field, North India Mission, Upper Assam Field, Lower Assam Field, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  According to 2011 Mission report, there are 7569 new baptized members, 64 new churches and 98 new fellowships in various fields.


ii.            Social Service: The Baptist Missionaries FW Savidge and JH Lorrain spent much of their time doing social work such as Education, Health Care, and Development of Mizo literature. Till today, the Baptist Church of Mizoram is deeply involved in Social Service, and is very instrumental in bringing about transformational changes in Mizoram. Now, the church (BCM) has a separate Department set aside for Social Service called – Social Concerns Department.  At present, the Social Concerns Department facilitates Public Guidance, Prevention and Care (HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse), and Christian Counseling. Motherless Babies Home was established way back in 1959. It is now called the Baptist Church Orphanage (BCO). This is a life saving programme when a mother dies during or after child birth.


iii.           Education: School Education came under the control of Christian Mission in 1904 as the British administration handed over the School management to them. The Baptist Church of Mizoram continues to engage itself with School Education within Mizoram and in the Mission Fields. In its Ministries and Mission works, Education is an essential ministry which has transformed and promoted many Christians to their present stage of living especially in the backward areas. Today, Ministry of Education under Baptist Church of Mizoram is confined to nine schools within the Church,   twenty  eight schools in Bru and Chakma Home Mission areas, and also twenty-eight schools in different Mission Fields in India. Besides this, we have one Secular College named Higher and Technical Institute (HATIM) at Lunglei, where the following courses are offered - Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and  English Department.  So, altogether, there are sixty five schools and two colleges run by the Baptist Church of Mizoram.


iv.           Medical and Health Ministry:  Health is another areas where Baptist Church of Mizoram has made a significant contribution to the Mizo Society. The Christian Hospital at Serkawn established in 1923 was the first Hospital in south Mizoram. The Christian Hospital at Lawngtlai was established in 2007 which greatly improved the health conditions of the people of that area. The Nursing School attached to Christian Hospital Serkawn is affiliated to the Indian Nursing Council.  A new programme called Community Health has been launched, conducting mobile clinic in different remote areas to help the people who cannot afford to come to the Hospital.


v.            Relief & Development:  The creation of  Relief and Development Department in 1990 is an important landmark for the Baptist Church of Mizoram. Now the Relief and Development Department  actively involves in -  Skill Training Programmes of  Tailoring, Carpentry, Electronics, Computer Training, Typing Skill Training and Weaving. Besides, Alternative Farming for which Agricultural Land Technology is being introduced. For this new technology, farmers from various parts of Mizoram are regularly given proper training and revolving loans to empower them to be self sufficient. Relief is also given to the victims of natural calamities like cyclone, landslide, fire, etc.


vi.           Pastoral Ministry: The Department of Pastoral Ministry is the backbone of the Baptist Church of Mizoram. Organisationally the 537 local Churches are  clubbed together into 73 Pastorates which are constituted within thirteen Area Baptist Councils. One Pastor with the assistance of a Probationary pastor in some Pastorates looks after five to nine local Churches. Functionally, a Pastor is a representative of the Headquarters to co-ordinate and supervise the work of various Departments and programmes from the Headquarters. He is responsible for ritual ministries like conducting worship, matrimony, funeral service, baptism, and to celebrate Holy Communion. Besides, he has a lot of  administrative works as he is the administrator in his Pastorate.


vii.          Theological Education:  The Jubilee Bible School was established in 1946, training 811 lay students who have become leaders of the church and society. As a result of a strong missionary movement, the Jubilee Bible School was upgraded to Missionary Training Institute (MTI) in 1991, which has trained  more then 200 students working in various parts India as Missionaries, School Teachers, Evangelists and Church Leaders. The Missionary Training Institute  was  upgraded to a Theological College named “Academy of Integrated Christian Studies” (AICS) in 1999.                 



4.            Contribution to the Ecumenical Movement:

Regarding the ecumenical movement, Baptist Church of Mizoram plays an important role with the following Para Churches, Councils and Committees.


i.             NEICC (North East India Christian Council): NEICC is the biggest Christian Council in North East India where different Churches  as members and a number of  Para Churches as Associate members are joined together.  Baptist Church of Mizoram has been one of the members since 1947. The present NEICC Secretary  Rev. R. Lalnunzira is one of the Pastors from BCM, which has also been providing leadership role in the Youth Department and Women’s Department in the past and at present. One of the contributions worth mentioning is that BCM observes the third Sunday of October every year as NEICC Sunday. All the offerings collected on that day are given to NEICC. The BCM sends a number of delegates to the NEICC Annual Meeting every year.


ii.            MKHC : Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitu Committee (Church Leaders                Committee in Mizoram):

The objectives of this committee are to fight against social evil, to encourage good and fair politics and to ensure good relationships among different Churches in Mizoram. The present Vice President at Aizawl is one of the Pastors from BCM, and the present President of MKHC at Lunglei is Rev. H. Lianngaia, General Secretary of BCM. A campaign called “Holiness Campaign” is occasionally organised by the MKHC in which BCM Pastors are involved as campaigners.


iii.           BSI (Bible Society of India): The Bible Society of India in Mizoram was first introduced by the Baptist Church of Mizoram. BCM observes the First Sunday of December every year as Bible Sunday and all the Offerings collected in this Sunday Morning Service is given to the Bible Society Auxiliary, Aizawl. Local Church appoints BSI Collectors who are engaged in membership drive from time to time. Besides, the local Church sets aside one or two Sunday Morning Services for BSI Campaigners. All the local Churches are financial contributors to the Auxiliary through their respective BSI Branches.


iv.           TLM (The Leprosy Mission): The Leprosy Mission in Mizoram was introduced by the Baptist Church of Mizoram and the first Promotional Secretary was Rev. K.D. Siamliana, a Baptist Pastor. The Baptist Church of Mizoram observes last Sunday of January every year as Leprosy Sunday. All the offerings collected are given to the Leprosy Mission. The Present Promotional Secretary and the Co-ordinator in Mizoram are Pastors from BCM. Like BSI, the Local Church Committee appoints TLM Collectors to promote TLM and also engage themselves in membership drives from time to time. The Local Church in Urban and Rural areas reserve one or two Sunday morning services every year for the Leprosy Campaign of TLM.  In the ministry of TLM and BSI, all the Churches in Mizoram unite and work jointly together with mutual understanding.


5. Contact Postal Address:

Baptist Church of Mizopram,

Headquarters Office:Serkawn.

P.O. Zotlang 796691.Lunglei Mizoram.

Tel: (Office) 91- 372-2342251/ 2342252/ 2342250/ 2342269.

Mobiles: 91- 9436141712/  91- 9436352392/ 91- 09436158852

Fax: 91- 372- 2342252..

Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(As updated in NCC Review November 2012)




Contact as on 30 July 2013

Rev. H. Lianngaia

General Secretary

Baptist Church of Mizoram

Serkawn, P.O.Zotlang-796 691

Lunglei, Mizoram

Tel. : 0372-2342251 (O), 2342269,

Fax : 0372-2342624, M. 9436141712

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.