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The NCCI Emblem symbolises the Church with doors open and lighted by an Indian lamp placed in the national flower, Lotus, inviting all people of God into the ecumenical fellowship

{Primary Objectives}

1. Providing fellowship and a common forum for dialogue and for fostering common concerns among the Churches in India .

2. Promoting Church Unity as a basic requirement for the life and work of the Church in India and as an essential step for restoring in wholeness of the human community.

3. Interpreting and communicating the Mission of the Church, relating it to every aspect of life.

4. Engaging in and enhancing the educational, social welfare, relief and health service by the Churches.

5. Representing the Churches before the public, the Government and other national and international agencies.

6. Initiating and promoting action in the area of the socio-political needs of the poor including those of the Christian community in India .

7. To consult and coordinate with the World Council of Churches and other International and national ecumenical organizations.