Programme Commission on ‘ Adivasis/Tribals 


• To ensure church and civil society participation for the upliftment and development of Adivasis and Tribals • To create awareness among the Tribal community on constitutional rights and provisions provided to the Adivasis and Tribal. • To promote and develop leadership capacity skill among the tribal/adivasi. • To generate self help group so as to over come poverty. • To educate tribal community on Forest Act. • Promote and support the development of Tribal and Adivasis Theology. • To initiate All India Christian Tribal Forum before the next quadrennial.

Chairperson: Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau Secretary: Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi

  1. Mrs. Prameel E.S. Rani
  2. Mrs. Neerja Prasad
  3. Mrs. Ramola Kale
  4. Mr. Samuel Mathew
  5. Mrs. Sarada Arnold
  6. Mrs. Alpna B. Kumar
  7. Mrs. Limatula
  8. Miss Sarika Blessy